The Importance of Forklift Driver Medicals

Forklift Driver Medicals - Why You Need Them and Where You Can Get Them

If you are making use of forklifts or operating lifting machinery and equipment within your business, you will need to make sure that your staff members are well-trained to properly make use of such equipment. Operating a forklift is something that must be done according to certain rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines are aimed at safety and this is why each forklift driver must be licensed, in order to legally and safely make use of the equipment without putting their own or other people's lives at risk. If your company is making use of unfit or unlicensed forklift drivers, you could be faced with a fine or legal action, both of which are potentially crippling situations for your business and its reputation / image. Forklift driver medicals are also vitally important.

Baseline and routine medicals of employees with such responsibilities and tasks are essential for companies hoping to maintain a good reputation and standing when it comes to occupational health and safety. Each and every employee who will make use of your forklift equipment must undergo medical checks at regular intervals. This is for their safety and that of others in the vicinity. You can also avoid potential legal action being taken against the business if there is an accident, sometimes the capability of the operator will come under scrutiny.

At MAKROSAFE, we understand that it can be quite a challenge to carry out routine medical examinations in-house. For this reason we offer full Occupational Health Services when it comes to medical assessments of employees. We advise our clients on when and how these examinations and assessments must for carried out. For instance, your forklift drivers must undergo a medical examination prior to being employed or before a hazardous task is started. Thereafter, regular examinations must be carried out during the course of employment to ensure that the operator's health or capability has not diminished. When employment is terminated, a final examination must be carried out to assess the health of the employee on leaving the employ of the company.

Records of each of these examinations and findings must be kept for future reference and to track the health of each employee. If any legal situations arise in the future, these records can be referred to in order to have a better understanding of the situation or to prove the company's compliance with regulations.


We will provide full medical examinations to your employees that include a general health psychological questionnaire, urine test, blood pressure and glucose test, lung function test, eye vision screening, hearing test and recording of height and weight. We can also provide drug testing, X-ray tests, audiometric testing and full physical examinations if required. Our tests are carried out thoroughly and the results provided to the company for each employees file.

Such medical examinations are required to ensure that forklift drivers are in good health and will be able to manage the full functionality of the machinery. If the employee's health deteriorates during the time of employment, these tests will indicate that and the situation can be addressed. It goes without saying that an able bodied person with excellent eye-sight and so on, is required for operating such machinery in order to ensure the safety of the operator and other workers in the area. Misuse of a forklift can result in serious injury and even death. As operating a forklift can be potentially dangerous to the operator and to others, it is important that those making use of them are fit to do so and that you can prove that that is the situation.

At MAKROSAFE, we are up to date with the latest regulations and limitations in place when it comes to operating of forklifts and other heavy machinery. We can accurately advise you on the process to follow and how to go about ensuring that each of your operators is deemed fit and able to operate such machinery. If you would like to learn more about our forklift driver medicals, take the time to chat to our team members at MAKROSAFE. We will ensure that you are presented with medical examination information to consider.

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Posted date: 24th Feb 2015
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