Overhead Crane Training Course

Send Your Staff Members on an Overhead Crane Training Course at MAKROSAFE

If your business makes use of cranes and related heavy duty equipment, you will need to consider the various regulations in place that govern the use of such equipment in the work place. If your staff members are operating overhead cranes, they should have both practical and theoretical knowledge of how to operate a crane safely and this is something that is required by legislation.

Carrying out safe handling and maintenance practices is a large part of crane operation and there are various legislative and manufacturer standards that have to be met if you want to ensure that your business is considered compliant. You can safeguard the best interests of your business by ensuring that all of your operators are sent on an overhead crane training course where they can learn all they need to about safe operation and how to handle potentially fatal situations.

While there are a number of training centres offering courses, you must choose one that is accredited and registered. Ensuring that your staff members are provided with the best possible training is the only way to guarantee that your business operates safely. MAKROSAFE offers professional training courses for crane operators and will ensure that your operators learn the skills required to operate a crane with confidence and handle any potentially dangerous situations that might present themselves at any given time.

Training involves both theory and practical studies to ensure that students have an all-round understanding and knowledge of how the crane operates. We encourage all students to get actively involved and to fully apply themselves so that they can get the very best out of their training. All training is provided by qualified and experienced individuals in the field.

Many companies make use of cranes in the construction and other industries. These cranes need to be in a safe condition and those who operate them must be fully trained as well as be found fit to operate such heavy machinery. Operators must be aware of and have a thorough understanding of all the checks that need to be carried out before and after use of the crane. In addition to official overhead training courses, operators should also undergo medical examinations to ensure that they are fit and able to operate the crane.

What course options are available?

Do first time students and previously certified students have to complete the same course? Previously certified and novice operators do not have to attend the exact same course. For those who have been previously certified, the course is more of a refresher course and as a result is shorter. There is a slight difference in the training modules available for novice trainees and those already previously certified. Novice training in crane operation is held over 5 days and recertification training is held over one day. The course content covers the following topics in detail:

  • The crane and its various components.
  • Operational checks for safety before and after use of the crane.
  • Efficient and correct operating of the crane.
  • Lifting and handling loads.
  • Safety rules and regulations.
  • Wire ropes.
  • Drums and sheaves.
  • Inspecting rigging hardware.
  • Storing and handling lifting tackle.

The course is presented via tutor presentations, personal readings, group and individual discussions and activities. Crane operators will leave this course with a thorough understanding of the crane, how to operate it effectively and safely and also with the knowledge of how to handle tricky or difficult situations when operating a crane. It is vitally important that your crane operators receive professional training that is thorough.

At MAKROSAFE, we ensure that each student is provided with the attention and instruction that they deserve. Each student is also encouraged to fully apply themselves and to ask questions if any of the modules are confusing or need further explanation.

Those looking for an overhead crane training course for their staff members to attend should certainly take the time to learn more about what we have to offer at MAKROSAFE. We encourage interested parties to contact us via email or telephone so that we can provide you with further advice and guidance. Turn to MAKROSAFE for all your health and safety training needs today.

Posted date: 24th Feb 2015
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