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Follow a Health and Safety Career ' Attend a Course at MAKROSAFE

Occupational health and safety in South Africa is certainly a topic of hot debate; one that every business has to consider at one point or another. Many companies are concerned that their health and safety efforts are not sufficient and when compliance is reached, it quickly dwindles as it is not kept up.

Keeping it up-to-date is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that their occupational health and safety standards are kept at an acceptable level, but this can become a challenging task when already focusing on the core aspects of the business. A health and safety representative can assist to ensure that compliance is continued. Do you want to follow a health and safety career in South Africa? In order to be a health and safety representative for any business, you must undergo professional training.

Candidates who are looking for an occupational health and safety qualification must consider their training options seriously and ensure that they attend an accredited and certified training centre. If you are looking for a health and safety representative course to attend, MAKROSAFE has just the solution for you. Our 1 day course is aimed at individuals who want to take responsibility for health and safety in the work place. The course is designed to assist individuals to understand their responsibilities, rights, functions and duties in the field.

Acquiring such certification is not a walk in the park. Each student is required to apply themselves and get actively involved in classes and activities to ensure that they get the most out of their training. Once certification is received, students must still ensure that they keep up to date with any changes or alterations to health and safety requirements within the industry.

There are various SHE requirements and regulations in place by the OHS Act that must be understood and adhered to. In fact, it is the task of the health and safety rep to ensure that a business is aware of the various regulations and requirements in place and actively works towards meeting with these requirements. These can of course change over time so brush-up courses are also recommended.

As a qualified representative you can expect to be responsible for the following within the work place:

  • Identify health and safety issues that exist in the workplace and take note of them.
  • Consult with the various authorities on the issues and discuss potential solutions. A game plan or strategy should be drawn up to ensure that these issues are dealt with systematically.
  • Ensure that any health and safety issues are actively resolved and monitored thereafter to ensure that they do not crop up again.

Many students want to know what the course entails before they register. At MAKROSAFE, we provide our students with a breakdown of the course content ' just so that they know what to expect. When attending this course, you can expect to be presented with information from professional and experienced tutors. You will be required to do reading and also interact with group discussions. Individual activities and skill application exercises must also be completed by each learner on the course. Tutors of each of our courses are qualified and experienced in the field. You can expect a thorough explanation and helpful guidance through each module of the course content. Every student at MAKROSAFE will receive the training and attention that they deserve.

At MAKROSAFE, we encourage all interested parties to learn more about our course and what it has to offer before they make a decision. We feel that all individuals who participate in such a course can benefit from the acquired skills and aid the business in reaching compliance and achieving acceptable levels of both health and safety in the workplace. If you are seeking out a career in this particular field, our courses are the perfect starting point.

When looking for information on courses to do to follow a health and safety career, contact us at MAKROSAFE. Our friendly and knowledgeable consultants are always standing by to answer questions and provide guidance when it comes to choosing the right courses. We will ensure that you are presented with viable course options to consider. Get in touch with us via email or telephone today.

Posted date: 24th Feb 2015
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