The IOD Package
The Injury on Duty and Coid Support Package is the optimum solution for your workplace health and safety Injury on Duty and COID needs. The package contains all the required services and support to assist the employer with reporting and managing of Injuries on Duty and COID Support.

This package may be purchased on My Safety Shop here, and is available on a payment plan with discounts, for SafetyWallet Subscribers.

Compensation for Occupational Injuries on Duty and COID support

Compliance towards the COID Act, is an important aspect for any employer to be successful within their industry. The support provided by the MAKROSAFE staff in this regard will aid employers to not only comply with the WCA, but also improve their health and safety performance in the workplace, as all reported injuries are linked to the risk assessment of the employer, prompting urgent action for correction, to prohibit such incidents from happening again. The support provided here contains the following:

  • Annual Return of Earnings calculations and submissions on behalf of the employer.
  • Annual assistance towards obtaining a Letter of Good Standing for the employer.
  • Assistance with submitting documents for Incident reporting for less than- and more than 3 days.
  • Assisting clients with registrations with Workmen’s Compensation.
  • Assistance with regards to claim completion and closure at Workmen’s Compensation.
  • COID support

This support is also available as a separate package for employers to consider. For more information on Occupational Injuries and Diseases Support click here, or follow this link to the package on My Safety Shop.

Injury on Duty

Occupational Health and Safety Administration Support

The Occupational Health and Safety administration support and record-keeping of documents within this package is vital towards the success of the package, as well as towards the protection of the employer against health and safety liability.

The Health and Safety Administration of which forms part of the Full package includes the following responsibilities of creating and maintaining the list of documents (and activities) below, which will be carried out by your practitioner with the aid of their administrative team:

  • Conducting Incident administration on OHS Online
  • Uploading the Letter of Good Standing
  • Return of Earnings

These documents and activities will ensure that your health and safety record-keeping, is not only kept up to date in the Health and Safety File you will receive, but will also ensure that digital copies of all the health and safety activities are kept on the OHS Online cloud-based software, for safekeeping.

COID Support

MAKROSAFE, SafetyWallet and My Safety Shop

The partnership between MAKROSAFE, SafetyWallet and My Safety Shop is to serve a common purpose, which is to ensure that all loved ones return home healthy and safe after work. This common purpose, with shared values in working towards its achievement have brought all employers the opportunity to benefit from this partnership.

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