The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package

The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package is the optimum solution for your workplace health and safety incident and accident reduction programme. The package contains all the required services and support to assist the employer with managing of incidents and accidents in the workplace.

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Incident Analysis and Incident First Aid case capturing for Analysis

The incident analysis and incident first aid case capturing for analysis and record-keeping of documents within this package is vital towards the success of the package, as well as towards the protection of the employer against health and safety liability.

The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package

Monthly Near Miss Campaign

It’s easy to discount the importance of near miss incidents since they don’t result in any real injury or property damage. However, the near miss is a dress rehearsal for the real thing and a free shot at fixing problems with your safety program before they do real harm. That’s why forward-thinking companies have implemented near miss programs to take advantage of these opportunities. New research has emerged shedding light on how to manage near misses effectively. Why near misses are so important. It’s been recognised that focusing on minor incidents, including near misses provides the wherewithal to reduce the probability of major incidents. Near misses are at the base of the safety pyramid and occur much more frequently than serious incidents at the top. They’re also smaller in scale, simpler to analyse and easier to resolve. Working from the top down, major incidents can often be traced back to a number of minor ones that happened earlier. By addressing the causes of these “precursor events,” you can prevent the major events from ever occurring. Example: Several rows of shelving collapse in a warehouse. No one is hurt and only minor property damage is done. The investigation reveals that the shelves collapsed because they were overloaded. Once you know this, you can revise your stacking and storage restrictions, ensure that shelves are safely loaded and prevent any more shelves from collapsing due to overloading. The MAKROSAFE Practitioner will assist and guide with the near misses on every visit.


Consulting on Incident Analysis and Improvement

The consulting of incident analysis and improvement forms part of this package also includes the following responsibilities of creating and maintaining the list of documents (and activities) below, which will be carried out by your practitioner on a monthly bases with the aid of their administrative team:

This will also ensure that digital copies of all the health and safety activities are kept on the OHS Online cloud-based software, for safekeeping.

MAKROSAFE, SafetyWallet and My Safety Shop

MAKROSAFE, SafetyWallet and My Safety Shop are in partnership to serve a common purpose, which is to ensure that all loved ones return home healthy and safe after work. This common purpose, with shared values in working towards its achievement have brought all employers the opportunity to benefit from this partnership.

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