Reducing incidents on duty

Staff members have the tendency to believe that they only have to follow instructions or obey orders and that the first-aider or fist aid box will deal with the consequences of an incident. They are wrong. The moment someone thinks something can happen, until the moment an investigation in a subsequent incident has been concluded, any person involved is expected to play a role and can be held accountable.

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Posted date: 10th May 2016
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Don’t be fooled by bogus inspectors

The Department of Labour recently issued a warning to warn employers of a conman masquerading as a labour inspector. The man conducted impromptu inspections and requested money to be transferred into his account. Genuine inspectors are no fools, they have certain protocols to observe.

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Posted date: 3rd May 2016
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What did we learn from the Ellis Park disaster?

Last week marked the 15th anniversary of the Ellis Park disaster. However, apart from a moment of silence observed at many football matches around the country and a small ceremony at the venue itself on Saturday, the anniversary largely went unnoticed. But what about the health and safety lessons we learnt?

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Posted date: 26th Apr 2016
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Keep records and record your keeping

Inspectors of the Department of Labour are certainly no fools. They know very well that most of the incidents reported to them, could have easily been prevented. Preparing themselves and conducting a site-visit is no rocket science to them as they will know exactly what they will ask, no matter how complicated your site can be.

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Posted date: 19th Apr 2016
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OHS lessons we can learn from the escape of Sylvester the lion

Sylvester the lion is back in the hands of SANParks again after having been on the loose for a couple

Posted date: 12th Apr 2016
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Acquire knowledge to assess risk

A risk assessment is a systematic identification of undesired events and their causes. It analyses their likelihood and potential consequences

Posted date: 5th Apr 2016
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An audit confirms your legal compliance

Health and safety in the workplace revolves around identifying and controlling possible hazards that could cause an incident. There are

Posted date: 22nd Mar 2016
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Know your rights when it comes to Health and Safety inspections

South African employers are expected to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. The OSH Act, is a self-regulatory Act

Posted date: 15th Mar 2016
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