Risk In The Workplace

A Risk Assessment is the systematic identification of undesired events and their causes and analyzing their likelihood and potential consequences in order to make a valued judgement as to their acceptability and tolerability. A Health and Safety Risk Assessment is the most important part of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, no company can be compliant to the OHS Act if this is not conducted and monitored on a regular basis. Our Risk Assessments help you Identify, Manage and Control risks and hazards in your workplace to ensure your employees are safe.

MAKROSAFE Practitioners work according to well-defined protocols and procedures for risk assessment to examine risk in the workplace and to identify any issues that could cause harm to employees or the organisation at large.

These Practitioners identify all activities that have to be executed to control each risk. As risk is categorised as being High, Medium or Low risks, MAKROSAFE Practitioners suggest control measures they consider to be best to maintain workplaces in the lowest risks categories possible.

All MAKROSAFE Practitioners are well-trained and rely on vast experience. They continuously update their knowledge and skills and closely monitor trends and developments in the industry. This puts them in the best position to identify possible workplace hazards and risks at an early stage and to advise companies about control measures that should be considered to nullify or minimise risk to acceptable levels.

The control of incidents and success of control measures is monitored and re-evaluated every three months and clients are briefed continuously to ensure they are aware of the risk pertaining to their workplace.


Workplace Hazards and meeting the Standards

Subscribing to the MAKROSAFE Implimenting your Health and Safety Programme is the best way to ensure that the workplace hazards and risks are identified and controlled.

By signing up today, you will be able to make the necessary changes or updates that will allow productivity to continue and employees to excel.

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