Short Courses

The intent of our Health and Safety short courses is to assist employers who want to be compliant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, but do not want to enroll their Health and Safety Committee members and Health and Safety appointees on accredited training.

Our Health and Safety short courses are aligned with the relevant single unit standards which are registered by SAQA, however, because these courses are aligned to a single unit standard, accreditation requirements cannot be met and therefore cannot be accredited through any SETA or QCTO. This is due to the fact that accreditation against a single unit standard is no longer accepted or recognised for accreditation.

It is for this reason that MAKROSAFE has ensured that all short courses are registered and endorsed with the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH). By completing any one of these short courses you will earn 2 CPD points against your professional profile should you be registered as a professional against one of their registration categories.

A short summative assessment is completed by the learner at the end of the course to test competency and to issue the learner with a certificate of attendance on the health and safety short course.

Benefits for sending your Health and Safety Committee and Appointees on a Health and Safety Short Course.

  • Time:  Due to the Formative Assessment, Practical Hours (Log Book) and compiling of the Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), the minimum hours are much less than that required when doing accredited training.
  • Cost:  Since less time is required by the assessor to conduct the training and no assessment being done on the PoE, no moderation and verification is required, so the cost of a Health and Safety short course is less than an accredited Health and Safety Training Course.
  • Competency:  The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires your Health and Safety Committee and its appointees to be informed of their duties; our Health and Safety Short Courses are designed to do just that and competency of the employee is evaluated at the end of the course by means of a summative assessment.
Basic Fire Fighting
First Aid
OHS Act for Management
Health and Safety Representative
Risk Assessment
Incident Investigation