First Aid Box

First Aid Box and Contents

This additional service involves the inspection of your first aid boxes and the replenishment of contents when required. By outsourcing this function to MAKROSAFE your employees can focus on what matters, running your business. We will always ensure that your first aid box has the right contents in it for the right situation


Occupational Health Services

This additonal service includes a full medical examination for all employees working in potentially hazardous or dangerous situations. Individual examinations include: screening tests, spirometry examination, physical examination, medical history and blood pressure, urine analysis, eye vision test, drug test (optional) and x rays (optional).


Occupational Hygiene Services

This additional service involves the provision and completion of occupational hygiene surveys that are authorised by the Department of Employment and Labour, and include: ergonomic, ventilation, illumination, noise and hazardous chemical substance exposure surveys, indoor air quality survey, airborne pollutants and exposure


Hazardous Chemical Risk Assessment

This additional service include a hazardous chemicals risk assessment and is simply a careful examination of what chemical, in your work or workplace, could cause harm to employees, contractors, visitors and general public, so that you can determine what precautions or controls are necessary to prevent harm.

Thousands of employees are exposed to hazardous chemical agents at work. If the exposure is not identified, analysed and properly controlled, it can cause serious illness, sometimes even death. The effects of hazardous chemicals may be immediate or long-term and range from mild eye irritation to chronic lung disease.

Load Test

Load Testing

This additional service ensures that annual load tests, required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, are carried out by qualified lifting material inspectors on all lifting equipment, electric hoists, overhead cranes and crawl beams.


Servicing of Fire Equipment

This additional service ensures that all fire equipment is serviced and maintained according to the required standards under SANS codes.


MIRCA Incident Investigation

This additional service is a process of step by step investigation to determine the root cause of an incident and to ensure that procedures can be set in place to prevent such an incident in the future.