Benefits of First Aid training

Individuals identify and solve problems related to the prevention of complications with regard to injuries and mechanisms of injuries sustained, treatment to be provided, improvisation where equipment is available and referral systems.

Benefits of working at heights training

Individuals will obtain skills and experience as well as knowledge necessary to set up and select working at heights equipment for safe use and operation.
Individuals will obtain the necessary skills to enable them to identify risks pertaining to working at heights in the workplace.

Benefits of overhead crane training

Trained employees will know how to properly operate overhead cranes in a safe manner.
Employees will be trained to use the correct method and equipment that will minimize accidents when lifting equipment.

Benefits of forklift training

Operators receiving forklift safety training are more efficient resulting in improved productivity.
Wear and tear on equipment is less when operators know the proper methods of operating a forklift.

First Aid Training - Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Courses
MAKROSAFE - Working at Heights Training
Overhead Crane