Overview of Health and Safety Compliance Audit

A Health and Safety Compliance Certificate is a certifying document that asserts and approves a workplace as legally compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 requirements. This Health and Safety Certificate is proof that a company has met and passed all legal standards required by law to create a healthy and safe working environment for all.


When is a Health and Safety Compliance Certificate Issued?

A Health and Safety Compliance Certificate is issued after a workplace has been subjected to a Health and Safety Compliance Audit. The Compliance Audit is usually done by means of a complete workplace risk assessment. Health and safety audits are conducted by auditors. These auditors should be from health and safety practicing institutes which are registered with relevant national boards. The auditors will be on the lookout for hazards and any workplace risks that may jeopardize the health and safety of anybody who works or uses the premises. Safety control measures will also be assessed for efficiency. After premises have satisfactory been found to be without any risk, potential future risk, hazards and meets all relevant standards, they can be declared legally compliant and safe to continue operating. The company can then be issued with a Health and Safety Compliance Certificate.


How Long is a Health and Safety Legal Compliance Certificate Valid For?

A Health and Safety Legal Compliance Certificate is valid for a year. Every year, companies should have another Health and Safety Audit conducted at their premises to verify compliance to the OHS Act, Regulations and Municipal B-Laws as per there legal stipulations. A year is a long time and new hazards may occur due to ever-changing workplaces. It is essential that yearly assessments are conducted.


What to Expect from MAKROSAFE's Health and Safety Compliance Audit?

  • Legal compliance with OHS legislation for safety in the workplace.
  • Experienced auditors will identify gaps within your OHS programme.
  • Client feedback after every follow up visit to update the client on the compliance rate of their workplace.
  • Audit protocols are updated regularly to ensure workplaces remain legally compliant.
  • Compliance certificates are issued annually to verify compliance.
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Who will Benefit from a Health and Safety Compliance Audit?

Both the company/employer and the employees will benefit greatly from having an experienced OHS auditor conduct a Health and Safety Compliance Audit. MAKROSAFE will ensure that you receive assistance to align Health and Safety in the workplace with your company's goals.

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