Why Makrosafe?

Are you asking yourself the question “Why MAKROSAFE?” Here are the top reasons for partnering with us:

Strategic Reasons:

  • Focus on core functions: MAKROSAFE clients are free to focus on their core competency, while we take care of health and safety.
  • Redirect strategic internal resources for core activities: MAKROSAFE ensures that an organisation’s internal resources are freed up for more mission-critical activities.
  • Accelerate migration to new technology: Moving over to newer health & safety technologies allows clients to make better use of their investments and enjoy enhanced productivity and quality.
  • Enhance risk management: Due to MAKROSAFE’s well-structured services MAKROSAFE clients are always in control of what they are spending. Should they need to either down-size or increase services it is as simple as consulting with a client services advisor and signing a service level agreement (SLA).
  • Lower infrastructure investments: MAKROSAFE’s clients find that expensive infrastructure requirements are cut back drastically as some of the functions are moved to MAKROSAFE. These include cutting edge IT and software systems, state-of-the-art injury on duty service, health & safety service and accredited training.
  • Access to world-class capabilities: Apart from the financial benefits, services work because its processes are delivered by teams that have operational expertise and experience. MAKROSAFE services provide MAKROSAFE clients with access to world-class capabilities, knowledge and experience.

Tactical Reasons:

  • Control of operating costs: One of the most talked-about advantages of MAKROSAFE is the affordable cost.
  • Improve operational performance: MAKROSAFE clients’ experience is that their operational efficiency increases when they make use of MAKROSAFE services.
  • Talent shortages: One of the key reasons why MAKROSAFE clients feel that MAKROSAFE’s services are a necessity is the shortage of talent in the country. As a generation of workers approaches retirement, there are precious few newcomers filling the skills pipeline. The obvious outcome of this acute talent shortage is an increased demand for skills. MAKROSAFE supplies that demand.

What we do

MAKROSAFE is the leading service provider in South Africa. We assist clients by managing their health and safety programme cost effectively and help them reach Health and Safety compliance.

Every year hundreds of thousands of employees are injured in the workplace - related accidents in South Africa. The following legislation makes adequate provision for the protection of such victims and their employers:

Fact: Over 1,5 Billion is spent annually on employee benefits paid out for injuries sustained on duty.

MAKROSAFE is able to help employers prevent such incidents by controlling hazards in the workplace and by providing the necessary Health and Safety Training. MAKROSAFE offers both training that is required for handling specific hazards and the training that is dictated by legislation.

Should an unfortunate incident nevertheless occur. MAKROSAFE will also facilitate both the investigation and the administrative processes , and will submit claims to the Workman's Compensation Commissioner on behalf of the employer.

Fact: MAKROSAFE will ensure full competence to all relevant legislation, regulations, standards and bylaws.

Fact: MAKROSAFE is the leading service provider in South Africa. We assist clients by managing their health and safety programme cost effective.

Our services are designed to assess, assist , implement and manage our client's health and safety programme to it's full potential. Our goal is to make our client's company reach full Health and Safety compliance.

Our Vision

We believe in making sure your loved ones return home safe after work, by understanding your specific needs and tailoring a comprehensive Health and Safety solution, backed by qualified professionals providing legal compliance, training, and management of incidents in the workplace.

Our Mission

Achieving significant growth by developing and continuously improving our capabilities and delivering professional value-added services and solutions to clients through sustainable relationships and departmental goals.

Our Core Values

  • Trust – Our clients do business with us because they trust us to implement safety programmes that assist and guide them with information, systems, and procedures to ensure the companies’ greatest asset, their employees, return home safe after work.
  •  Care – We care deeply about the health and safety of your loved ones.  We believe in making sure your loved ones return home safe after work by implementing and maintaining health and safety programmes in the workplace that ensure we look after and provide for your health and safety needs.
  • Passion – Our passion leads us to our purpose.  We believe in making sure your loved ones return home safe after work.



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Disclosure of Information

MAKROSAFE agrees to protect all personal and confidential information obtained through our website and advertising and not to disclose it to any third party at any time. It also agrees to destroy this information on demand from the client.