Overview of Servicing of Fire Equipment:

This Additional Service ensures that all fire equipment is serviced and maintained according to the required standards under SANS codes.

What to expect:

You can expect your fire equipment to be inspected on a regular basis. Expiry dates and the condition of the equipment will be checked and a recommendation will be sent if the equipment needs to be replaced.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Who will benefit from the servicing of Fire Equipment:

  • Fire Fighters
  • Employers
  • Employees

What we offer:

You can expect one of our experienced consultants to:

  • Inspect fire emergency equipment for any damage
  • Check the expiry dates of fire equipment
  • Report any equipment that has expired or been damaged to our admin team
  • Replace the equipment that was reported

How often should fire equipment be serviced?

Fire equipment should be serviced every 12 months (yearly) by a registered company. Products are serviced by a BSI or SABS approved Company and SAQCC registered technician – the technicians registration number should be indicated on the service label.

What are the pressure test intervals for fire extinguishers?

All fire extinguishers require pressure testing by law.

  • Foam, water and powder extinguishers require pressure testing every 5 years.
  • CO2 extinguishers need to be pressure tested within the first 5 years and then require pressure testing every 10 years.

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