MAKROSAFE Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a fully-fledged health and safety service provider. We have a national footprint and service thousands of organisations by managing their health & safety programmes.

In the world of health & safety compliance, MAKROSAFE Holdings is South Africa’s market leader. Our involvement with all role players has kept us in the forefront. We provide the best cost-effective service, supported by international leading software.

MAKROSAFE was founded in 1999. Its main objective is to provide cost-effective health & safety solutions to small, medium and large organisations. With our cost-effective health & safety services our clients are guaranteed an above average return on investment.

The MAKROSAFE health & safety programme has shown a rapid and sustained reduction in incidents and non-compliance to legislation. The programme has also been responsible for savings in incident costs and insurance claims, and for a general improvement of employees’ morale.

Our service and products, combined with our clients’ requirements, demonstrate our capacity, capability and commitment to ensuring full compliance with whatever legislation is relevant to and could affect our clients.


MAKROSAFE currently has 1600 clients across the following industries:

  • Banking industry and insurance
  • Wood and upholstery
  • Printing and paper
  • Chemical and rubber
  • Iron, steel and metal
  • Trade and commerce
  • Air, road and transport
  • Hospitality
  • Security
  • Educational services