The Health and Safety Inspection Package


Health and safety inspections forms a vital part of any health and safety programme to identify and verify information pertaining to Health and Safety in the workplace. Health and Safety inspections, although time consuming, is key towards continual improvement of the health and safety programme of the employer in the workplace.

These packages as found on My Safety Shop are aimed at assisting the employer with their completion by a trained Health and Safety Practitioner from MAKROSAFE, saving the employer on time and therefor cost, but providing important information towards the actual performance of the health and safety programme.

Every Health and Safety Inspection Package has a number of on-site inspections allocated to it. Clients may therefor either add additional inspections to their package as part of a payment plan, or combine two or more inspection packages to suit their needs.


On-Site Health and Safety Inspections

Inspections are carried out on the client’s site by the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Practitioner by using OHS Online’s mobile inspection application. All inspection data identified is then captured in the cloud-based system, for reports to be generated, which are sent to the client, to take corrective action on the findings that have been identified.

The MAKROSAFE Practitioners would need access to the site and specific areas where OHS Inspections are to be completed on a monthly basis. Inspections are available as individual services to be procured on My Safety Shop here

Additional Health and Safety Support contained in the Inspection Packages

In addition to the on-site inspections to be carried out, all clients who have signed up this package also receive access to OHS Online, so to further administrate their programmes with the aid of the MAKROSAFE health and safety administrators.
Also included in the Package:
Monthly Reports

Telephonic support is also provided for the implementation of the Occupational health and Safety Act requirements and for Department of Employment and Labour queries and visits. Furthermore, should the client opt to take an inspection package with a payment plan, the package would have be accompanied by a SafetyWallet Subscription, which the client has to subscribe to first, before such payment plan can be activated, providing the client with discounts and free online training. To view the SafetyWallet Subscription benefits and to subscribe to your SafetyWallet Subscription, please click here.