A hazardous chemical risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what chemical, in your work or workplace, could cause harm to employees, contractors, visitors and general public, so that you can determine what precautions or controls are necessary to prevent harm.

Thousands of employees are exposed to hazardous chemical agents at work. If the exposure is not identified, analysed and properly controlled, it can cause serious illness, sometimes even death. The effects of hazardous chemicals may be immediate or long-term and range from mild eye irritation to chronic lung disease.

Hazardous chemicals include any toxic or harmful substance such as paint, pesticides, types of fuel, lead, asbestos, dust, fumes, cleaning chemicals and many others. These hazardous chemicals enter the body through inhaling, ingestion or by coming into contact with the skin.

What the Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances, OHS Act (85 of 1993) states:
Conduct a hazardous chemical substances health risk assessment every two years
Get an approved inspection authority to monitor air:
One a year for substances with a control limit
Every two years for substances with a recommended limit
Where the measured concentration exceeds the recommended exposure limit the area must be zoned as a "Respitory Zone".
To prevent or control the exposure risk to employees put in place control measures for engineering and administration. Also ensure correct PPE is used at all times.
Provide medical surveillance for exposed employees.

Read the full Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations 1995.

What to expect:

You can expect a thorough investigation of chemicals you use in your workplace, what risks they pose and how employees can protect themselves from those risks.

Who will benefit:

Employers and employees both benefit as the control of hazardous chemicals or substances is crucial for a safe and controlled work environment.

What we offer:

Our qualified consultants will:

  • Investigate what hazardous chemicals are in your workplace
  • Determine the risks involved in working with those chemicals
  • Provide a solution to prevent your employees from being harmed by these chemicals whether it be PPE, Training, or Toolbox Talks

Step 1 for a Hazardous Chemical Risk Assessment is the Harzardous Chemical Survey, to view and purchase, click HERE