Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

Basic Fire Fighting Training Course

Fire is a scary element and one that has destroyed many buildings and lives over the years. Whether an industrial or basic house fire; extinguishing techniques can be hard to master, especially in a time of panic. Fire fighting is a skill that can be learned and if you want to be a qualified fire fighter, you will need to attend a basic fire fighting training course. Of course, there are various courses on the market that cover the basics, and then you can move onto advanced courses too. A basic fire fighting course will teach you all of the fire fighting techniques and show you how to use and apply them in a fire outbreak. The problem with a fire outbreak is that it is unpredictable to the average person. If you want to master the skill of controlling and extinguishing a fire, you must learn all of the principles and techniques and know how to use them.

At MAKROSAFE, we offer a basic fire fighting training course that is aimed at those in the workplace faced with the task of fire fighting. Once you have completed the course, you will be able to tell the difference between various types of fires, and also be able to explain and practice effective fire prevention. You will know precisely how to operate basic equipment used in the industry and carry out the various procedures with confidence. On completion of the course, you will be assessed on your knowledge and required to compile a portfolio that proves that you can apply the acquired knowledge to your working environment.

Our basic fire fighting course will include the following topics / areas of focus:

  • Identification of different fire types
  • Fire prevention techniques
  • Select fire fighting equipment
  • Fight the fire

The course is typically presented by a facilitator and also involves readings, group and individual activities, and discussions and various practical exercises where you can apply your newly learned skills. Our training officers will ensure that you are completely confident with the skills that you have learned and that personal attention is provided to each course attendee who requires it.

If you are looking for a basic fire fighting training course to attend, or for your staff members to attend, contact us at MAKROSAFE. We will ensure that you are presented with course material that will have you fighting fires safely and professionally.

Posted date: 13th Jan 2015
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