The MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course can assist any employee responsible for ensuring health and safety in the workplace. Riaan Janse van Rensburg had no previous experience in health and safety. However, he was appointed to manage the entire health and safety scope at the National Horse Racing Authority.

MAKROSAFE's Health and Safety Certificate's success story
Left; Leon van der Walt – Managing Director – MAKROSAFE Holdings. Centre:Denzil Pillay – CEO – The National Horse Racing Authority and Wendy Randall – IOD Manager – MAKROSAFE Holdings.

The South African Occupational Health and Safety Act holds company owners and CEO’s liable for providing a safe and healthy workplace. Owners and CEO’s have the powers to appoint a person (a 16.2) who can execute their duties, on their behalf, through their orders.

As a newly appointed 16,2, Riaan Janse van Rensburg had limited knowledge and experience in the field of health and safety. He decided to acquire extensive training. He looked no further than the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course. The intensive 10 day course touches all aspects of health and safety one may come across in the workplace. It discusses applicable legislation and activities one is expected to execute. It also explains how inspections should be executed and how risk should be assessed. Furthermore it teaches learners about implementing solutions and how they can be evaluated. The well-balanced training material coupled with experienced and well informed lecturers came as an added advantage.

Good point of departure

After successfully completing the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course, Riaan was able to implement the skills and knowledge within his organization. And he clearly succeeded as the National Horse Racing Authority won the MAKROSAFE Industry Award for the Entertainment & Sport Industry. Riaan scooped an individual OHS Champion Award.

Left:Johnny Terblance – Health and Safety Manager – MAKROSAFE Holdings Centre:Riaan Jansen van Rensburg – 16.2 – The National Horse Racing Authority and Christopher Guy – Training Manager – MAKROSAFE Holdings

'I simply implemented what I learned from the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course. I have managed to maintain a disabling incident frequency rate (DIFR) of Zero for 12 months. Also, I have maintained an average of 99% compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, ?� he says when sharing his achievements.

'Our success in the health and safety field is credited to the commitment of our top management. For Mr Pillay, our CEO, health and safety always comes first. Because of his support, I can confidently and effectively perform my duties. This includes doing comprehensive Health and Safety compliance audits. During these audits, we cover all aspects of what our company needs to comply with. These include SANS codes and all by-laws. I also carry out Risk assessments together with my Health and Safety committee members. We identify our tasks and activities in the workplace and the possible risks associated with them. Based on the outcome, we deliberate on control measures that should be implemented. Helpfully, MAKROSAFE monitors the control measures and highlight any errors through Health and Safety Inspections on a monthly basis. The information is captured on the MAKROSAFE management system and we are provided with feedback via comprehensive reports. ?�

By handing over the health and safety responsibility, the CEO of the National Horse Racing Authority took a major risk. Riaan Janse van Rensburg achieved, thanks to the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course.


Posted date:15th Jan 2015
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