Risk Assessment Control Measures Review is an act of re-looking and reconsidering previously implemented control measures. Control measures are reviewed for many reasons and but generally after failing to serve their purpose. After hazards and risks have been identified, control measures should be put in place to reduce, contain, eliminate or prevent the risk. But, what if these fail?

Control Measures Review is important in premises. Companies should not wait for major disasters before reviewing their control measures. Near-misses are enough warnings that Control Measures Review is required. Companies should review and where necessary, revise control measures implemented. This helps them maintain, so far as is reasonably practicable, a work environment that is without risks to health or safety.

When should Control Measures Review be done:

(a) if the control measure does not control the risk it was implemented to control so far as is reasonably practicable

(b) After an incident or near-miss occurred because of the risk.

(c) before a change in the workplace that is likely to give rise to a new or different risk to health or safety that the measure may not effectively control,

(change to the workplace itself or any aspect of the work environment, or a change to a system of work, a process or a procedure.)

(d) a new relevant hazard or risk has been identified,

(e) After consultation with health and safety experts and they request that a review is conducted
A health and safety representative may request Control Measures Review if the representative reasonably believes that:
- There are circumstance that may affect the health and safety the employees represented by him/her,

- The employer has not adequately done Control Measures Review in response to the circumstance.
Why Control Measures Review is essential:
- Control Measures Review goes a long way in preventing accidents from happening, especially after near misses.
- It prevents accident re-occurrences after an incident has happened.
- It strengthens the existing control measures as they are improved
- It tightens and improves health and safety standards in the workplace.
Periodic Control Measures Review and risk assessments should be conducted. These will ensure that the control measures implemented are appropriate and effective and the risk assessments are still valid. This can be achieved through safety audits, regular workplace inspections, consultation with employees and review of incident investigations. Risk management should be built into all workplace activities that can give rise to safety issues.

Control Measures Review needs expertise to conduct as it requires that current measures as assessed and evaluated against the potential risk they were implemented for. Areas of defects on the control measure are then identified. This enables the evaluator to know which possible solutions or replacement measures can be implemented. They also determine if only certain parts of a control measure should be improved or a completely new one altogether will be more effective. Most companies do not have this kind of knowledge and skills in their premises.

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Posted date: 27th Jan 2015
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