Effectively Reducing Incidents and Accidents in the Workplace

Effectively Reducing Incidents and Accidents in the Workplace

Incidents and accidents in the workplace pose a significant risk to both employees and businesses. The consequences can range from injuries and financial losses to damage to a company's reputation. To address these challenges, MAKROSAFE offers a comprehensive solution: The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package. Let us explore how MAKROSAFE can assist clients in reducing incidents in the workplace and highlight the benefits of subscribing to SafetyWallet.

What are the common challenges faced by businesses in managing incidents and accidents in the workplace?

Businesses often encounter various challenges when it comes to managing incidents and accidents in the workplace. One key challenge is the identification of hazards and risks associated with specific job tasks. Without a systematic approach, potential dangers can go unnoticed, leading to accidents. Additionally, many companies lack proper incident reporting and analysis systems, which hampers their ability to address recurring issues effectively.

How can MAKROSAFE help clients reduce incidents in the workplace?

MAKROSAFE understands the importance of workplace safety and offers a comprehensive solution to reduce incidents and accidents. The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package provides businesses with a range of tools and services to address safety challenges. MAKROSAFE offer clients access to first aid training, available to purchase directly from My Safety Shop, this plays a vital role in providing immediate assistance during emergencies.

How does hazard identification contribute to incident reduction?

Hazard identification is a crucial step in preventing workplace incidents. MAKROSAFE's package includes advise with regards to the hazard identification process, this can be conducted by experienced and qualified MAKROSAFE Practitioners. This process involves identifying potential risks and implementing proactive measures to eliminate or control them. By addressing hazards before incidents occur, businesses can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents.

What are the key features of The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package?

MAKROSAFE's package encompasses a range of features designed to reduce incidents and accidents in the workplace. As a SafetyWallet Subscriber you will get a discount on this package plus many more benefits.

The consulting of incident analysis and improvement forms part of The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package and also includes the following responsibilities of creating and maintaining the list of documents (and activities) below, which will be carried out by your practitioner on a monthly bases with the aid of their administrative team:

  • Access to OHS On-Line Health and Safety Management System in the cloud
  • Monthly COID Reports
  • Access to Appointment Letter Templates
  • Access to OHS Inspection Templates
  • Telephonic Support on Department of Employment and Labour queries and inspections
  • Telephonic and Virtual support with implementing Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Monthly Risk Assessment/Incident recall
  • Incident analysis and incident First Aid case capturing for analysis
  • Consulting on incident analysis and improvement
  • Monthly near miss campaign

This will also ensure that digital copies of all the health and safety activities are kept on the OHS Online cloud-based health and safety management system, for safekeeping. By signing up with The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package, businesses gain access to a holistic safety solution that addresses their specific needs.


What role does effective risk assessment play in workplace safety?

Risk assessment is an integral part of creating a safe working environment. MAKROSAFE assists clients in conducting comprehensive risk assessments, considering various factors such as the nature of work, equipment used, and employee capabilities. Through this process, potential risks are evaluated, and appropriate control measures are recommended. Regular risk assessments help businesses stay proactive and prevent incidents.

How does fostering a safety culture contribute to incident reduction?

Creating a safety culture within an organisation is paramount to incident reduction. MAKROSAFE recognises this and emphasises the importance of promoting a positive safety culture among employees. By implementing robust health and safety policies and procedures, businesses can instil a sense of responsibility and awareness among their workforce. Regular training and communication channels facilitate a safety-conscious environment.

How can clients benefit from subscribing to SafetyWallet along with the package?

In addition to The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package, MAKROSAFE offers SafetyWallet, a subscription-based service that provides further benefits. Clients who subscribe to SafetyWallet can access an extensive library of safety resources, including policies, procedures, and training materials. This additional support enhances their ability to maintain a safe working environment while complying with legal requirements.

Are there any discounts available for clients who subscribe to both the package and SafetyWallet?

Yes, MAKROSAFE recognises the value of a comprehensive safety approach. Clients who sign up with Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package and also Subscribe to SafetyWallet are eligible for exclusive discounts. This combined offering enables businesses to enhance workplace safety while optimising their safety management systems with a positive Return of Investment.

Reducing incidents and accidents in the workplace requires a proactive and comprehensive approach. MAKROSAFE's Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package offers businesses the necessary tools and services to tackle safety challenges head-on. By addressing hazard identification, conducting thorough risk assessments, fostering a safety culture, and providing access to trained first aiders, MAKROSAFE enables clients to create a safe working environment.

Moreover, by subscribing to SafetyWallet in conjunction with the package, businesses can access a wealth of additional safety resources, further enhancing their ability to maintain a high standard of workplace safety. The combined offering not only reduces incidents but also ensures compliance with legal requirements and industry standards.

MAKROSAFE is committed to assisting clients in their journey towards effectively reducing incidents and accidents in the workplace. By signing up for The Workplace Incident and Accident Reduction Package and embracing a safety-conscious culture, businesses can safeguard their employees, protect their reputation, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Investing in workplace safety is an investment in the well-being of employees and the long-term success of the business. Contact MAKROSAFE today to learn more about how their comprehensive solutions can help you reduce incidents and accidents in the workplace. Together, let's create a safer and more productive working environment with good safety culture.

How can MAKROSAFE assist you with your Health and Safety Risk Assessment?

Keeping your workplace legally Health and Safety Compliant may seem like a daunting task. At MAKROSAFE, we have an experienced team of OHS Practitioners available to assist in keeping your company Health and Safety Compliant according to South African Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and Regulations.
The MAKROSAFE Monthly Health and Safety Consulting Services Package will assist you with your Health and Safety Programme.

Over the course of 23 years, MAKROSAFE has provided Health and Safety assistance and advice to help businesses keep their workplaces safe for their employees.

Click on the image below to find a SafetyWallet Solution that suits your business (Branch/Site specific) and get the benefits along with the subscription:

By signing up with one of our Monthly Health and Safety Consulting Services employers are not only admitting that Health and Safety is important; they are also developing their health and safety management systems to the point where they may qualify for a health and safety compliance grading certificate after they have met the standards in the Health and Safety Audit.

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Posted date: 17th May 2023
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