OHS Compliance Audit elevated us

Regent Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in South Africa. However growth comes with many challenges especially in terms of health and safety, which emphasizes the need for a regular OHS Compliance Audit. Regent Insurance made a remarkable effort to surpass the compliance standards required.


OHS Compliance Audit elevated us - Regent Insurance

Anita Elbourne is a Health and Safety Officer at Regents Insurance. She scooped a MAKROSAFE OHS Champion Award at the MAKROSAFE awards. She shared with us how their organization progressed up the compliance ladder. 'Our company went up from almost non-compliance to a gold status in 18 months. MAKROSAFE did an OHS Compliance Audit which determined that there were a lot of areas where improvement was required. We had to put up certain measures and strategies to meet the compliance status we hold today. ?�
Collaborating with the right people
Anita did her training with MAKROSAFE to ensure that she got all the knowledge she required. However, her relationship with them didn't end at her training course. Her company has been collaborating with them to help them achieve a compliant workplace.
AN OHS Compliance Audit thoroughly looks at all aspects of health and safety and ensures the company operate in the safest procedures. The Regent premises and operations were evaluated according to the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act, by-laws and industry standards. MAKROSAFE went on to offer additional advice and suggestions in areas where improvement or changes needed to be implemented during the audit.
When Regent Insurance refurbished their premises, Anita explained that she had difficulties with legal requirements when dealing with contractors. She overcame the challenges by going for additional training. She acquired consultation and assistance from MAKROSAFEto assist her to perform her duties effectively. They provided her with all the necessary information including templates of agreements with contractors.
Furthermore, to ensure that the operating procedures are safe, Anita organised training for all contractors. During the training, contractors were provided with First Aid training and other relevant information. MAKROSAFE also assisted them by inspecting their scaffolding and the efficiency of all the Personal Protective Equipment.
First Aid and fire fighters training cannot go unmentioned as, to date, Regent boast of a sub-committee with well-trained fire fighters and First Aiders in each of their buildings. First Aid and fire fighters training is a never-ending process at Regent as skills are refreshed over regular intervals. This has helped Regent's First Aiders to stay on their toes and to act immediately in case of an emergency. They were able to do a self-check and implement improvements thanks to the OHS Compliance Audit. Compliance is their biggest aim and this has attributed to their success.
Induction training about workplace conduct and safe working procedures is also provided to all new employees.
Being involved in the insurance industry, Regent knows the importance of being compliant. A regular OHS Compliance Audit conducted by MAKROSAFE, ensures they remain on the tip of their toes.

Posted date: 30th Jan 2015
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