In our recent Health and Safety blogs, the importance of occupational health and safety compliance is what we have been highlighting most. Since the beginning of the year, we have posted no less than 60 Health and Safety blogs to highlight this importance. To remind you of some important matters, I have chosen what I consider to be the top 10 blogs where the importance of health and safety compliance was discussed.


Health and Safety blogs

Health and Safety compliance means abiding to all the requirement of Laws, Regulations and Acts governing workplaces and working activities. These include the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, COID Act, Tobacco Products Act, to mention but a few. The importance of health and safety compliance was highlighted when I blogged about these topics:

1.Material safety data sheet

In this blog, I discussed the role of manufacturers and suppliers and their legal duty to supply material and products together with material safety data sheets for those products. Material safety data sheets are essential especially for hazardous products so that users can safely use such products without posing a threat to


health and safety. You can find more about this service here

2. Health and safety compliance inspections

In this blog, I highlighted why it is essential for employers to ensure that regular health and safety inspections are conducted in their premises. These inspections are demanded by law hence; they are a must. Learn more on who should conduct an inspection and how it must be conducted. Find out more about this service here

3. Evacution – Fall Protection Plan

As this blog is all about regulations and safety measures governing ‘working at heights’ activities, it is a must-read for all employers who have working activities that are conducted from a height.

Training is also a requirement of the OHS Act and it is important for employers to know which training is compulsory and which one is not. However, with many organisations and institutions claiming to be able to provide training, I blogged to great lengths aiming to clarify matters and safe-guard employers and learners by highlighting some aspects they can look out for to ensure they get valid and accredited training recognised by law. This services is include in our Health and safety programme free of charge, Find out more about this service here

4. Basic Fire Fighting training & 5. First Aid training

While fires were sadly ravaging the Cape, I didn't really need many words to emphasize the need for sending staff for Basic Fire Fighting and/or First Aid training. However, to stimulate employers even more, I took the opportunity to explain the importance of training and the best methods of providing training that will enable learners to fully understand. Find out more about this service here

Health and safety might be easy to achieve but hard to maintain. As there are many ways of achieving this, I wrote many Health and Safety blogs to discuss these various ways. Read more on how to keep your health and safety standards par excellence on the following blogs:
6 Health and Safety Compliance Audits – Find out more about this service here
7. Risk Assessments Control Measures – Find out more about this service here
8. Safe Operating Procedures – Find out more about this service here
9. Policies and Procedures –Find out more about this service here

These Health and Safety blogs will give you an insight on how to constantly monitor your workplace so as to identify risks and hazards. They also discuss how best you can control hazards before they accumulate to incidents.

Learning more about the Act that governs Occupational Diseases and Injuries in the workplaces is always beneficiary for employers. I also wrote a blog about the COID Act requirements in the blog;

10. Incident Reporting Procedure: COID Act Compliance.

In this blog, you will learn more about the compliant procedure of reporting incidents in the workplace. There are various other blogs that touch on other aspects stipulated in the COID Act that would come as handy knowledge as well.

These are some of the Health and Safety blogs we have on our website amongst many more others. As we publish a blog every day, you will certainly find even more information on health and safety everyday.


Posted date: 27th Mar 2015
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