Overview of Health & Safety Inspection Services

Staying abreast of possible expiring dates or unexpected malfunctions ensures that these items and services will operate correctly, when required. Our skilled and experienced health and safety inspectors have the knowledge and understanding of the difficulties that come with conducting extensive health and safety inspections.

We understand the technicalities and functioning of all the elements that need to be inspected within your company. Our in-house expertise will ensure that your OHS inspection services are tested regularly.


Benefits of MAKROSAFE's Health & Safety Inspection Services:

  • Inspections are carried out by experienced MAKROSAFE inspectors with extensive knowledge of systems and services and a thorough understanding of their operations.
  • Sites are visited constantly and inspections are carried out according to a monthly, quarterly and annual schedule.
  • MAKROSAFE also has the knowledge, capacity and capability to inspect the over 50 aspects which are described in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

What does a Health & Safety (OHS) Inspection Include?

A full comprehensive Health & Safety inspection service will include inspection of around 50 elements within your organisation. Some of the more common elements include the following:

  • First aid box contents
  • Fire equipment
  • Safety and emergency signage
  • Forklifts
  • Housekeeping
  • Stacking and Storage
  • Jib and Overhead cranes
  • Vehicles
  • Slings and Lifting equipment
  • DB Boards

Who will Benefit from MAKROSAFE's Health & Safety Inspection Services

Subscribing to the MAKROSAFE OHS Inspection Services package will transfer the responsibility for monitoring the quality of essential services.

Having the quality and functionality of essential services assured by specialists will be the first step to control the damage if disaster strikes.

By signing up for a health and safety inspection service you benefit both the company and the employees by ensuring a safer working environment.
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Health and Safety Inspections