Workmens Compensation ROE 2022 Submission

Workmen’s Compensation ROE 2022 Submission

The WCA ROE 2022 Submission is fast approaching, and it's essential to be prepared. As an employer in South Africa, it's your responsibility to provide compensation to employees who are injured or contract an illness in the course of their employment through Workmen's Compensation (WCA). This is why accurate and timely submission of earning information is crucial. Any errors or discrepancies can result in an audit, a possible revision of assessment, and penalties.

To ensure that you are in good standing with Workmen’s Compensation, you must provide complete and accurate earning information that is consistent with the WCA's financial period from 1st March 2022 to the end of February 2023. This information is used to calculate the compensation amount payable by the employer.

Letter of Good Standing

To obtain a Letter of Good Standing, certain prerequisites must be met, including being up-to-date with Return of Earnings submissions. The Return of Earnings and Letter of Good Standing Package from MAKROSAFE can help organisations effectively manage their WCA Return of Earnings and Letter of Good Standing. This full-service support helps alleviate the administrative burden on companies and institutions and ensures total COID compliance.

MAKROSAFE, in partnership with SafetyWallet and OHS Online, provides subscribers with support and assistance in all matters related to health and safety. Through a SafetyWallet Solution, subscribers can create a safer, healthier, and more compliant working environment for their employees. Don't wait until it's too late; start preparing for WCA ROE 2022 Submission now.

Letter of Good Standing

How does SafetyWallet support its subscribers?

SafetyWallet, in partnership with MAKROSAFE and OHS Online, ensures that subscribers can obtain the highest level of compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all other Regulations, and more.

Click on the image below to find a SafetyWallet Solution that suits your business (Branch/Site specific) and get the benefits along with the subscription:

Through the assistance and support when signing with The Return of Earnings and Letter of Good Standing Package as a subscriber, SafetyWallet helps subscribers with the Return of Earnings Submission for Rand Mutual Assurance.

The Return of Earnings and Letter of Good Standing Package will assist you with your Workmen's Compensation (ROE) submissions for 2022.

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ROE and LOGS Package

Posted date: 28th Feb 2023
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