What is SafetyWallet Subscription?

What is SafetyWallet and how does it work?

SafetyWallet is a South African-based subscription service that focuses on encouraging and rewarding employers for their compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation within the workplace. The service helps businesses improve their health and safety compliance, while offering rewards and support to keep them motivated.

Purpose of SafetyWallet

SafetyWallet aims to create a positive health and safety mindset within the workplace by monitoring behaviours and cultivating positive health and safety habits and culture. SafetyWallet’s mission is to incentivise and reward subscribers through its Health and Safety Management System and SafetyWallet Support Programme. By developing long-term health and safety habits and improving risk control, subscribers can ensure a safe workplace for all.

History of SafetyWallet

SafetyWallet began in 1997 with a vision to make health and safety compliance affordable for all South African employers. In 2017, the company revisited its core values, and with input from its employees, established its core purpose and values. These guide everything the company does, including its interactions with customers, partners, employees, and the community.

SafetyWallet Subscription

Benefits of a SafetyWallet Subscription

A SafetyWallet subscription provides the following benefits:

Health and Safety Support: Access to a team of experts who can provide professional advice and guidance on all health and safety matters.

Health and Safety Compliance Monitoring and Management: Monitoring and managing compliance with all relevant Occupational Health and Safety Act legislation, regulations, standards, and by-laws to ensure legal compliance and a safe work environment.

Health and Safety Training and Education: Access to a comprehensive training and education library for employees and employers to improve their understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

Injury on Duty (IOD) Support: Assistance with injury claims and the implementation of effective procedures to reduce the likelihood of work-related injuries.

Financial Benefits: Savings and discounts on various health and safety-related products and services, such as safety equipment and training courses.

SafetyWallet Subscription

How to qualify for SafetyWallet Rewards

To qualify for SafetyWallet rewards, businesses must become members of one of the six SafetyWallet subscription reward circles. Once a business completes its annual health and safety compliance audit, SafetyWallet compliance level rewards can be activated based on its current compliance status. Increasing compliance levels leads to lower risk and more lucrative rewards.

How to Subscribe to SafetyWallet

Businesses can subscribe to SafetyWallet in six simple steps:

Visit the SafetyWallet website by clicking on the image below to find a SafetyWallet Solution that suits your business (Branch/Site specific) and get the benefits along with the subscription:


Sign up for an account by clicking on the "Subscribe" button on the homepage and providing personal and business details.

Select the debit order payment method enter your banking details as requested.

Complete registration by providing additional information about the business.

Wait for activation email and phone call to start using the platform.


SafetyWallet is a subscription-based service that simplifies and streamlines health and safety compliance management for businesses of all sizes in South Africa. With its mission to incentivise and reward subscribers to improve their health and safety behaviours, the company is making a positive impact on workplace safety in South Africa.

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Posted date: 25th Apr 2023
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