Helpful tips for staying safe in the workplace in summer

In South Africa, summer temperatures often exceed 40 degrees Celsius.  When working outdoors, this can be a life-threatening hazard if employees are not properly protected.

Safety in Summer

Here are some helpful tips to stay safe:

  • Remember that there are minimum PPE requirements for sun protection.  This means that short-sleeved t-shirts and shorts aren’t usually sufficient.  Always dress for safety over comfort.
  • Wear loose-fitting and light-coloured clothing.  Dark fabric attracts and absorbs more sun and heat.
  • Drink a lot of fluids.  Be careful of energy drinks and sodas – these speed up dehydration.
  • Wear a high SPF sun block and a hat or helmet.
  • Take regular breaks and go into the shade, indoors, or into an air-conditioned car.  Your body needs to recover from the heat.
  • Stop working if you feel dizzy, weak or nauseous.
  • In the hottest part of the day, try to avoid outdoor work and strenuous labour.
  • Use protective eye wear to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Workplace environments with high heat production, such as manufacturing, need well-ventilated areas and places to cool down.
  • Make sure that all employees know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke, and that there is someone trained in first aid on every shift.  

Posted date: 22nd Jan 2018
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