The purpose of workplace health and safety compliance

The purpose of MAKROSAFE Compliance Audit can only be understood if one understands what health and safety is. Occupational health and safety (OHS) are areas or workplace aspects that involve the health, safety and welfare of employees in a working environment and in their working activities.

Employers have general legal duties to their employees. These duties are stated in section 8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It states that, employers are required to provide a workplace for employees which is without any risk to employees’ health and safety. Employees, according to section 14 of the same Act, also have a duty to ensure and safe guard their own health and safety and that of fellow employees. They are expected to follow all health and safe procedures that employers implement.

Employees are only supposed to perform work in an environment that is free of risks and hazards. Employers have the duty to take steps in ensuring that a workplace is free of such hazards.

The purpose of workplace health and safety compliance

The purpose of workplace health and safety compliance –

aims at the implementation, promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of all employees. It further entails the prevention of contributing or causing adverse health issues and illnesses through working conditions. Health and Safety Consultants are in the best position to assist companies with these challenges. Once steps are taken to ensure that a workplace is safe and healthy to work in, employers have another duty of promoting and maintaining these high health and safety standards that have been achieved.

The purpose of workplace health and safety compliance is to also equip employees with skills and abilities that will empower them to safe-guard their own welfare and safety above the efforts of the employer. Health and safety training is essential in empowering employees with such skills.

The purpose of workplace health and safety compliance is to reduce or prevent incidents, illnesses and fatalities. If workplace health and safety is well implemented, it guarantees reduced incidents, incident prevention, less stress and increased productivity.

In a nutshell, the purpose of workplace health and safety compliance is to protect employees and other stakeholders from risks, hazards and incidents in their term of employment or visit to a workplace.

Workplace health and safety compliance is not optional but compulsory hence; the Department of Labour is enforcing it through various Acts which check the occupational health and safety compliance of workplaces. The Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulation 85 of 1993 are health and safety guidelines. The importance and purpose of workplace health and safety compliance is emphasised in over 20 regulations, found in the OHS Act and Regulations, about various elements such as general, electrical, mechanical and health. The purpose of these workplace health and safety regulations is to detect the protocols that must be followed when implementing health and safety standards. Because health and safety proactively changes, notices served by the Minister also govern health and safety. When these protocols are followed, companies can be assured that they are legally compliant.

Workplace health and safety compliance can be maintained by regularly making use of Health and Safety Consultants. They will be able to assist you with:

1. Health and safety programs
2. Health and safety committees
3. Health and safety representatives
4. The involvement of both employers and employees.

We, at MAKROSAFE have been assisting companies to achieve the purpose of workplace health and safety compliance for many years. Our Health and Safety Consultants can assist you in any aspect involving health and safety. Contact us today if you have any issues, questions and queries.

Posted date: 6th Apr 2015
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