Safety Training Programs are a set of learning material and procedures put together to educate learners about safety with the aim of achieving health and safety compliance. Employers must ensure that their employees are trained in health and safety so that they can contribute to reducing incidents and injuries in the workplace.

Safety Training Programs must assist learners to fully understand the importance of health and safety compliance.

The following are some of the topics that good quality Safety Training Programs must cover:

- employee involvement (roles and responsibilities)
accident prevention
safe working practices and procedures
- equipment and machinery
- incident and emergency response
- personal protective equipment
- chemicals and hazardous materials safety
- workplace hazards and risks
- health and safety compliance

These are some of the major health and safety issues that employees must have general knowledge about. Health and Safety Consultants have the knowledge to assist companies more in-depth about effective Safety Training Programs.

The importance of Safety Training Programs is highlighted in the various regulations in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. There are various employees who must undergo safety training, according to the Act. These include Health and Safety Representatives, Machinery Operators, Fire-fighters, First Aiders and newly appointed employees. However, training should not be limited the above mentioned persons only. Safety Training Programs will be of great help to management and general employees as well. A completely trained and safety-conscious workforce will go a long way in preventing and reducing incidents and injuries.

Safety Training Programs
Safety Training Programs

When learners have completed their training, it is essential that employers keep all records. This will assist them, in future, to determine, aspects such as; who has undergone training, what training did they do and who needs to be sent for training. This will further help them to determine what kind of further training is required, if needs be. The records will assist the employer in deciding and determining when refresher training is required.

The effectiveness of Safety Training Programs can be evaluated timely. Based on the performance of the employees and through assessing if health and safety standards have improved thereafter, it can be determined if the Safety Training Programs were effective or not. Lacking areas should be identified and further training can be provided.

Effective Safety Training Programs can reduce the number of injuries and deaths, property damage, legal liability, illnesses, workers’ compensation claims and productivity loss. Safety Training Programs can also help in establishing a safety culture in which employees take the responsibility upon themselves to promote proper safety procedures at work.

MAKROSAFE Accreditation

MAKROSAFE is an accredited training institute that provides all types of training in the health and safety field. We have, for many years, provided training and issued certificates that are valid and recognised by the relevant boards including, the Department of Labour. The methodology of training is unique as our training material is a balance between both theory and practical. We also have other diversified learning methods such as presentations, group discussions and demonstrations.

Our training material is provided by well informed and experienced facilitators who are up to date with the latest trends. We can put together Safety Training Programs specifically for your workplace as we are well-vexed with all the requirements and the stipulations of various Acts. Contact us today and let us assist you with any health and safety training.


Posted date: 3rd Apr 2015
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