The South African Occupational Health & Safety Act, is very clear about what it is that needs to be done to prevent incidents from happening in the workplace. It also clearly states what is required to handle an incident, should it occur. The process for following up on, and finalising such cases is not discussed. For companies that don't know the procedures and documentation processes for IOD's, a minor incident can suddenly become a nightmare.

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Injuries on Duty cost companies time and money

When productivity is well on its way and more orders are being brought in, employers will soon face the moment that they'll have to expand both productivity and the workforce. Advertisements will be placed or recruiters will be contracted, additional office furniture, stationary and other relevant items are being brought in. Training is provided to the new employees and the legalities will be adhered to by training more First-Aiders and adding more fire extinguishers to remain compliant.
Few employers will, however, also implement measures to be able to deal with the fallout in case an incident occurs. The impact of the administrative follow-up of an incident is gravely underestimated by some and as long as the human factor still plays an important role in our workplace, it is likely that accidents will happen.

The administrative follow-up with authorities is a time-consuming process which requires much attention to detail. It is work that, in the interest of the well-being of the employee and the continuity of the company operations, demands in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act and the Occupational Health and Safety
Act. Companies that don't see the need for making arrangements to handle claims reported and ensure that administrative processes run smoothly, should ensure they have contracted this to specialists. They should appoint a service provider who has the experience of dealing with the various authorities and filling out paperwork required to report an incident. The service provider should be able to take away the burden of administrative processes. The service provider should also be able to ensure that your status with the authorities isn't affected. This is particularly important for companies that require a Letter of Good Standing. If this document is not issued in time, it can affect the eligibility of a company that is keen to bid for a tender.

The MAKROSAFE Incident on Duty administrators have been reporting incidents on duties for many years and for companies in many different industries. They know from experience how tedious it can be and what is expected to finalize the process. Their dedication and understanding of the processes has resulted in the MAKROSAFE administrators being able to guarantee 75% reimbursement by the Workmen's Compensation Authority for costs incurred on wages and salaries when employees are absent for more than three days.Focus and do what you do best and what you like to do the most. Leave the unwanted paperwork up to individuals who specialize in this field on your behalf.


Posted date: 9th Feb 2016
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