Health & safety compliance: Overhead crane training

Overhead crane training is a must for all operators of cranes and it is essential for employers to first find out if their employees meet the requirements stipulated in the Act. They are specified for both learners and institutes that should provide such training. This blog will be more focused on the requirements that these two parties should meet before training can commence.

Health & safety compliance: Overhead crane training

Institutes that provide training for any driven machine should meet a certain set of requirements according to the Driven Machinery Regulations.

The South African Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulate that training institutions:

  1. Have proper lecturing and practical facilities
  2. Make use of suitable audio-visual equipment to comply with NQF approved learning program. This may include; overhead projector, video recorder cassette or monitor


    Overhead crane training requirements
    Overhead crane training requirements
  3. Make use of flip chart or whiter board when conducting training
  4. Offer theory and practical assignment tools to help them excel well
  5. Ensure that the provided learning program aligns with appendix 1& 2 of the Code of Practice and to applicable unit standards
  6. They should be able to issue a valid certificate to learners at the end of the training course. The content of this certificate is stipulated in the Driven Machinery Regulations.

It is for this reason that we have emphasized the importance of doing a background check on institutes that companies choose to send employees for training in virtually all blog posts we have written. This pre-check will enable you to determine if you are enrolling with a recognized institute or not.

There is also certain entrance Overhead crane training requirements that learners should meet to be able to qualify to do this course.

  1. All learners must be physically capable to operate machinery without any challenges
  2. They must be at least 18 years of age

Before commence of training the following Overhead crane training requirements should be submitted to the training institute.

  1. A declaration from the employer confirming the physical and psychological fitness of the learner to operate the driven machinery to be trained to operate
  2. An optometrist letter declaring the learner has good day and night vision and depth perception.(A valid professional driver's license can be used as a substitute)
  3. Acknowledgement that the learner will wear the required personal protective equipment as prescribed by the employer in General Safety Regulations of the Act
  4. All new aspiring driven machinery operators should hold at least a General Education Training Certificate Grade 9

According to the law, only when the learner has met the above standards can he/she be admitted into a training institute. Moreover, employers have the duty to ensure their employees are trained in institutes that meet all the above and all other stipulations of the Act.

Driven machinery can pose serious health and safety hazards when improperly operated. This is why the Act is strict on these Overhead crane training requirements and accredited institute must uphold these standards.

Look no further than MAKROSAFE for all your driven machinery training and certification. Literally hundreds of students have trained through this institution over the past few years. Their training, provided by well-educated lectures, is a balance of theory and practical. Their lecturers have a unique vetting system to ensure they stick to the stipulations of the law. When trained by the best, one will work like the best.

Posted date: 7th Mar 2015
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