Health and Safety Compliance Checklist to ensure a safe work place

A Health and Safety Compliance Checklist is an essential tool that every Health and Safety Representative should have. The health and safety checklist helps to quickly and effectively inspect premises for health and safety compliance, to ensure a safe workplace.

A Health and Safety Compliance Checklist can be compiled by health and safety professional according to the structure and nature of their activities. However, more importantly, they must be compiled according to protocols stipulated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 that premises should meet. These you must find in your Occupational Health and Safety Act South Africa checklist.

Health and Safety Compliance Checklist

The length and complicity of the Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Checklist can differ. Below I have listed some aspects that should be included. These are just some of the basic aspects, but more can certainly be considered. Examples are Working Environment, Electrical Safety, Health and Hospitality, etc.

1. Working Environment

  • Is there proper and adequate ventilation?
  • Are all lights working and is there sufficient lighting?
  • Are security systems (CCTV cameras, radios, alarms) in place and working?
  • Is there enough working space for employees?
  • Are floors and floor coverings, e.g. carpets, in good condition?
  • Are walkways free from foreseeable trip/slip hazards?
  • Is fire equipment available, serviced and in working order?
  • Are emergency exits available and easily accessible?
  • Are all important and legally required signs available in your workplace?
  • Are they compliant with the SANS standards and in the correct position? (E.g. emergency exit, first aid kit location, prohibited areas etc.)

2. Electricity Safety

  • Is access to electrical system restricted to authorised persons?
  • Are plugs and leads in good condition?
  • Are socket outlets at least 1m away from running water?

3. Health and Hospitality

  • Is there an easily accessible and adequately stocked first aid boxes?
  • Are there suitable and sufficient toilet facilities?
  • Are suitable washing facilities available?

4. Working Equipment / Resources

  • Is all working equipment/machinery in a safe and sound manner?
  • Is machinery security features (guards, sensors) in place and working condition?
  • Is the Personal Protective Equipment being used of the required standards?
  • Is excess PPE available for any visitors who may require to enter into hazardous areas in your premises?

5. Employees

  • Are employees adequately trained on health and safety in the workplace, training in aspects like fire drills and emergency preparedness
  • Do employees know the location of emergency services (first aid, fire equipment, alarms etc?)

6. Other aspects

  • Are wall mounted fixtures, shelving, furniture etc. in good condition and secure?

Health and Safety Compliance Checklist

  • Is storage of small quantities of flammable/hazardous substances suitable?
  • Are all parts of the building maintained in a clean and tidy condition?

A Health and Safety Compliance Checklist should contain the date, name and signature of person who conducted an inspection. They should also indicate the next review date.

An effective Health and Safety Compliance Checklist would have a 'yes' as the answer to all the above. Issues arising from questions that produce a “no” as an answer should be addressed immediately. However, skill and expertise is required to know which corrective measures can be implemented for each hazard and risk identified.


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