Top five dangers of hazardous material

Top 5 dangers of hazardous material

There are numerous types of hazardous material in the workplace, from obvious toxic chemicals to the unexpected bulge in the carpet.  Each risk comes with its own dangers.

Hazardous Material

Here are top 5 dangers most encountered on the job:

  1. Injuries due to falling, tripping and slipping.  This is often because of loose items on the ground, wet surfaces, and objects or furniture in the wrong place.
  2. Exposure to hazardous substances, especially chemicals.  This includes common items such as paint, varnish, and floor polish.  Reactions can include rash, headaches, allergic reactions, and difficulty breathing.  Harsher chemicals can result in burns, blindness, organ damage, and even death.
  3. Falling objects.  This most often results in head injuries.  Pack heavy items lower down in storage areas, and build barricades around hazardous zones such as scaffolding.
  4. Falling from a height.  These falls are usually from ladders, scaffolding, stairs or balconies.  Accidents like this can be prevented with secure railings, and additional workers to safely manage harnesses and equipment while another works.
  5. Fires and electrical faults.  Ensure that all employees are aware of evacuation procedures, and report all electrical faults such as plugs that aren’t working, fused bulbs, and exposed wires.

Posted date: 18th Sep 2017
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