First Aid in Schools

First Aid Box

We are going to cover a very important aspect that will definitely be applicable on a daily basis: that of First Aid. Requirements extend far beyond just having a first aid box available.  Medical supplies and equipment need to be provided for activities that take place in the school.  For example, in addition to a standard first aid kit, there will also need to be a stretcher available during sports matches.

There needs to be one first aider for every 50 employees, and this person (or their substitute) must be available at very short notice during working hours.  There should be a roster drawn up, with duties allocated (as well as substitutes should the primary first aider be absent).

In every first aid box there are a set of minimum contents.  This list can be found under regulation 3 of the OHS Act.  It is imperative to remember to replace any items that are used immediately.  The first aid box must not supply daily requirements such as plasters (these must be purchased separately).  The contents in the box are held aside for emergencies only. A first aid kit must be available in all vehicles transporting children or staff off the school premises as well.  The first aid requirements of the school should be assessed on an annual basis.

All first aiders need to complete a training course presented by an organisation approved by the OHS Act.  The certificate is valid for 3 years.  First aiders need to know what to do in an emergency, how to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, first aid for an unconscious casualty, and first aid for wounded persons.

Part of a first aider’s training will include treating burn injuries.  

Posted date: 31st Jul 2017
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