10 Workplace Health and Safety Tips not to be missed

10 workplace safety tips not to be missed

Workplace Safety, Health and Safety Management

Although employers are responsible for the health and safety management of their organisation, employees also play a large part in keeping the work environment healthy and safe.  Every individual’s safety remains their personal responsibility.

Here are 10 safety tips:

  1. Follow the correct safety procedures that have been outlined by the health and safety committee.
  2. Don’t take shortcuts.  For example, if you have to go through a daily checklist, do it thoroughly.
  3. Clean up messes and spills as soon as possible.
  4. Keep your work area clean and organised.
  5. Make sure that all emergency exits are clear of obstacles.  This includes your handbag, for example.
  6. Always be alert on the job and attentive to what is going on around you.
  7. Take regular breaks so that you can maintain focus.  This also helps relieve backache and eye strain if you are behind a computer all day.
  8. Be vigilant when it comes to observing safety signs and instructions.  For example, warnings signs when floors are being cleaned and are slippery.
  9. Make sure you know where the first aid box is located, as well as your closest exit.
  10. Immediately report any incident (identified hazard or injury) to your supervisor.

Posted date: 5th Sep 2017
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