10 Things that must be on your Safety Checklist

10 Things that must be on your Safety Checklist

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The health and safety representative needs to perform a basic safety inspection on a daily basis.  A more thorough investigation must be performed on a quarterly basis, which includes a written report for the employer.

The most important things to include on a daily safety checklist are the following:

  1. No broken windows, doors or other openings.  
  2. All floor surfaces clean and free from spillages and debris.
  3. No tripping or obstruction hazards, particularly wires which must be insulated and safely laid.
  4. Disposal standards and procedures must be adhered to – no unhygienic waste present or in unassigned areas.
  5. Toilets, urinals and change rooms should be clean and hygienic
  6. Exit routes must be clearly marked and first aid boxes replenished.  Make sure attendance registers are filled in.  
  7. Fire equipment clearly demarcated and clear of obstacles, and alarm system working.
  8. Working area clean and tidy.  It is important to also check potential hazards such as items on the edge of desks or wires under chair wheels.
  9. Stacking and storage done in a safe manner and according to specifications.  This is of the utmost importance with chemical storage.
  10. Hazardous machine parts adequately guarded

Posted date: 28th Aug 2017
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