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Contractors and Suppliers in the Metal and Engineering Industry: Forging a Shield of Safety with MAKROSAFE, a SafetyWallet Dealership

In the high-octane world of Metal and Engineering, safety isn't a suggestion – it's the bedrock of a thriving operation. That's where the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) comes in, demanding a legal commitment to a safe and healthy environment for everyone. This includes your team, but also any contractors and suppliers who work on-site. At MAKROSAFE, a proud Authorised Dealership of SafetyWallet, we understand the complexities of navigating OHS regulations in the Metal and Engineering Industry. We're here to help you ensure unwavering compliance, empowering both you and your partners to prioritise safety.

OHS Act Compliance: Not a Choice, but a Responsibility

The OHS Act (Act No. 85 of 1993) places the onus on employers (that's you!) to create a safe haven for everyone on your premises. This legal obligation extends to contractors and suppliers, often referred to as "mandatories" under the Act. Their actions directly impact the overall safety of your worksite. Section 37 of the Act holds employers liable for unlawful acts or omissions of mandatories, unless a written 37.2 Agreement outlining compliance procedures is in place.

Building a Strong Safety Culture: Collaboration is Key

MAKROSAFE champions collaboration between Metal and Engineering companies, contractors, and suppliers. We believe strong partnerships are essential for building a robust safety culture. We offer guidance and support in crafting clear, written agreements that establish shared expectations and compliance procedures. This ensures everyone understands their responsibilities under the law.

Permitting Safety: Getting it Right from the Start

The OHS Act mandates permits for specific high-risk work on your premises. This includes tasks like confined space entry, work at elevated positions, and activities in hazardous areas. MAKROSAFE can help navigate these permit requirements, ensuring all contractors and suppliers have the necessary documentation to operate safely and legally.

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Together, We Forge a Safer Future

In the Metal and Engineering Industry, safety isn't a luxury; it's the foundation for success. Contractors and suppliers play a vital role in achieving this goal. Their adherence to safety protocols directly impacts the well-being of everyone on-site. MAKROSAFE stands ready to be your trusted partner, empowering you and your partners to prioritise a safe and compliant work environment. Let's build a future where safety reigns supreme! Contact MAKROSAFE today and explore how we can help you navigate OHS regulations and establish strong partnerships with your contractors and suppliers. Remember, SafetyWallet offers a range of subscription options, while My Safety Shop provides specialized services tailored to the unique needs of the Metal and Engineering Industry. Together, with MAKROSAFE as your guide, we can forge a shield of safety for your workplace!

MAKROSAFE: Your Trusted Partner in Metal and Engineering Industry Safety

As an Authorised Dealership of SafetyWallet, MAKROSAFE is your one-stop shop for navigating the complexities of Contractor and Supplier management in the Metal and Engineering Industry. Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to provide tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of managing Contractors and Suppliers in your operations. Partner with MAKROSAFE today and elevate your Contractor and Supplier management to new heights. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and let us craft a customized plan to shield your workplace from the risks associated with Contractors and Suppliers. Together, let's create a safer, healthier, and more compliant environment for all! MAKROSAFE, as a proud Authorised Dealership of SafetyWallet, offers a free consultation to assess your current Contractor and Supplier management practices and develop a customised program. Contact us today and let's build a stronger, safer future for the South African Metal and Engineering Industry, together. Schedule your complimentary Contractor and Supplier management consultation today! Visit our website MAKROSAFE or call us at 0861 444 777. Let's empower your workforce to work safely, every day!

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Let's empower your workforce to work safely, every day! Unlock a Safer Educational Realm with SafetyWallet Benefits.

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