Makrosafe is now proudly black-owned

MAKROSAFE is now proudly black-owned

In November 2016 BCF Molefe officially became the 51% shareholder of MAKROSAFE, demonstrating once again that they are committed to South Africa’s future.They continually raise the bar higher, and have managed to maintain their level of excellence for nearly two decades.
MAKROSAFE Holdings was founded in 1999 and specialises in implementing Health and Safety programmes to ensure that their clients are fully compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. These clients cover numerous industries, including banking, printing, chemical, iron, steel, metal, trade, commerce, air and road transport, hospitality, security and education. Solutions are provided to small, medium and large organisations.
At the beginning of 2015, national empowerment regulations underwent significant changes, and MAKROSAFE immediately ensured that their organisation stayed ahead of the pack. Barely two years later, they are now a level 2 B-BBEE majority 51% black-owned contributor.
In the world of health & safety compliance, MAKROSAFE is South Africa’s market leader. They provide cost-effective service, supported by international leading software. The programmes that MAKROSAFE have implemented have shown a rapid and sustained reduction in workplace incidents. This has saved companies billions of rands in incident costs and insurance claims, in addition to the improvement of employees’ morale and motivation.

This is no exaggeration. Over 1.5 billion rand is spent each year on employee benefits that are paid out for injuries sustained on duty. MAKROSAFE helps employers prevent these expenses by controlling hazards in the workplace and providing key training. They also facilitate any investigations in the unlikely event of an incident, and will submit claims to the workman’s Compensation Commissioner on behalf of the employer.

Companies flock to MAKROSAFE for risk assessments and training because one of the most talked about advantages of the organisation is the value they add to companies. Operational efficiency sky-rockets after the unique safety programmes are implemented, and this translates into more savings.

Sadly, in South Africa, there is a shortage of talent in the Health and Safety arena. Too many corners are cut and unnecessary risks overlooked. MAKROSAFE has ensured that their legacy continues, even as a generation of workers in our country approach retirement. MAKROSAFE has filled this demand for skills and provides exceptional service that cannot be matched. This is evident not only by the meticulous investigations and services provided in the field, but also by their powerful management structure.

MAKROSAFE is demonstrating, once again, that they are stronger than their competitors and dedicated to meeting their clients’ needs. With BCFMolefeholding the reins, one can only expect bigger and greater things for this iconic South African enterprise.

Posted date: 1st Feb 2017
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