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Ensuring health and safety compliance among road transport contractors

In the ever-evolving world of road transport hauliers, managing the health and safety of your workforce extends beyond your full-time employees. Contractors and suppliers play a crucial role in your operations, and ensuring their adherence to health and safety standards is paramount to maintaining a safe and productive work environment. MAKROSAFE, a leading provider of health and safety solutions, empowers employers to navigate the complexities of supplier and contractor management, ensuring unwavering health and safety compliance and fostering a culture of safety across their entire supply chain.

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The Importance of Contractor and Supplier Safety Management

Integrating contractors and suppliers into your comprehensive health and safety strategy is essential for several reasons:

Shared Responsibility for Safety: Employers and contractors share legal responsibility for ensuring a safe work environment. By effectively managing contractor safety, you can minimise the risk of incidents and legal liabilities.

Protecting Your Reputation: Accidents involving contractors can tarnish your company's reputation and erode stakeholder trust. A robust contractor safety program demonstrates your commitment to safety and protects your brand image.

Preventing Workplace Disruptions: Accidents involving contractors can disrupt operations, causing delays, financial losses, and hindering productivity. Effective contractor safety management ensures smooth operations and minimises downtime.

MAKROSAFE's End-to-End Contractor and Supplier Safety Solutions

MAKROSAFE provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you manage contractor and supplier safety effectively, ensuring that your entire supply chain adheres to the highest safety standards:

  • Pre-Qualification and Selection: We assist you in developing a robust pre-qualification process to select contractors and suppliers with a proven commitment to health and safety.
  • Contractual Obligations: We help you draft clear and comprehensive contracts that outline safety expectations, responsibilities, and communication protocols for contractors and suppliers.
  • Induction and Training: We provide comprehensive induction and training programs for contractors and suppliers, ensuring they understand your company's safety policies, procedures, and expectations.
  • Supervision and Monitoring: We conduct regular site inspections and audits to monitor contractor and supplier safety performance, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring compliance with your safety standards.
  • Incident Investigation and Corrective Action: In the event of an incident involving a contractor or supplier, we conduct thorough investigations to identify root causes and implement corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.

Adhering to the Occupational Health and Safety Act for road transport contractors

The 37.2 Agreement, a legal instrument under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), outlines the responsibilities of both employers and contractors in ensuring a safe work environment. MAKROSAFE helps you understand and implement the 37.2 Agreement effectively, ensuring clear communication, shared responsibility, and accountability for safety performance.

Permit to Work

A Permit to Work shall be issued in terms of the OHS Act (nr 85 of 1993), where the Contractor or Sub-Contractor needs to perform the following work on the employer’s premises:

  • Work in confined or enclosed spaces
  • Work at elevated positions (e.g. ladders and scaffolding)
  • Roof or ceiling work
  • Work where there is a danger of the trenching or associated items collapsing (e.g. excavation work or work in trenches)
  • Work in hazardous areas (e.g. flammable storage, hazardous chemical substance storage)
  • Demolition work (breaking down buildings)
  • Working on pressurised pipes
  • Blasting work (usually construction and mining)
  • Working on internal combustion engines
  • Electrical installation work

MAKROSAFE: Your Trusted Partner in Contractor and Supplier Safety

MAKROSAFE is your one-stop shop for all your contractor and supplier safety needs. With our extensive experience and expertise in the road transport hauliers industry, we provide tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of managing contractor and supplier safety. We empower you to create a culture of safety that extends beyond your full-time employees, encompassing your entire supply chain and fostering a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment for all.

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Partner with MAKROSAFE today and safeguard your workplace with our comprehensive contractor and supplier safety solutions. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and let us tailor a customized plan to elevate your contractor and supplier safety management to new heights. Together, we can ensure that safety is not just a priority for your employees, but a shared commitment across your entire supply chain.

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