Compliance Audit Cost Calculator
For more information about a compliance audit in the food drinks and tobacco industry read below.

A compliance audit shows where the company stands in its compliance to health and safety legislation and identifies what areas place the company at risk and require improvement. The findings from a compliance audit in the food drinks and tobacco industry provides a means and direction for the company to take action to make the necessary improvements and reduce the risk to the company.

It may be probable that to comply with ISO 45001, companies may need to have a legal register. A legal register is a guidebook that shows the scope of what is required to reach compliance in each industry, according to Bylaws, Standards, the OHS Act and Regulations and other Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental documents.

The purpose of the Legal Register is to describe the method to identify the applicable legal and other requirements to which the company subscribes to and that can interact with health and safety in the organisation. It provides a system to have access to existing and planned Regulatory Requirements in the food drinks and tobacco industry, Codes of Practice, Standards and By-laws of performance that establish the standard of due diligence that should be met.