Certificate of Compliance in Health and Safety

Health and Safety Compliance Certificates in the Food, Drinks and Tobacco Industry in South Africa

A Health and Safety Compliance Certificate is a crucial document that verifies compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OHSA). This certification serves as proof that a company in the food, drinks, and tobacco industry has reached the mandated legal standards necessary to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for everyone involved

When is a Health and Safety Compliance Certificate Issued?

This certificate is issued following a comprehensive Health and Safety Compliance Audit of a workplace. The audit involves a thorough risk assessment of the premises to identify any potential workplace hazards or operational risks that could endanger employees, customers, or visitors. Safety control measures are evaluated for their effectiveness during this inspection. Only after the workplace has been deemed to adequately manage all identified risks, mitigate potential future risks, and comply with all applicable standards will it be declared legally compliant. A Health and Safety Compliance Certificate is then issued to the company.

Who Issues a Health and Safety Compliance Certificate?

The certificate should be issued by a registered health and safety institute that has conducted the compliance audit. These institutes must be recognised and registered with the appropriate national health and safety boards.

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Maintaining Legal Health and Safety Compliance

Ensuring that your workplace remains compliant can seem overwhelming. SafetyWallet provides an experienced team of OHS experts specialised in the food, drinks, and tobacco sector to help keep your operations in line with the stringent requirements of the OHSA. By subscribing to SafetyWallet's Health and Safety Risk Control Package, companies receive assistance throughout their Risk Management journey.

Duration and Validity of the Certificate

A Health and Safety Compliance Certificate typically follows a detailed risk assessment and audit process. Once issued, the certificate remains valid for 12 months. It is vital for companies to schedule annual audits to address any new hazards that might emerge due to changes in the workplace environment or processes, ensuring continuous compliance and safety.

Benefits of SafetyWallet's Health and Safety Compliance Certificate

  • Ensured legal compliance of your workplace.
  • Expert practitioners identify and resolve gaps in your OHS program.
  • Regular follow-up visits provide updates on your workplace's compliance status.
  • Audit protocols are regularly revised to maintain up-to-date compliance.
  • Certificates are issued annually to confirm ongoing compliance.

Who Benefits from a Health and Safety Compliance Certificate?

Both employers and employees in the food, drinks, and tobacco industry benefit significantly. An experienced OHS auditor provides necessary oversight and guidance to align your health and safety practices with overall company objectives, ensuring a safer working environment.

Subscribers to SafetyWallet will also receive a Registration Certificate confirming their ongoing commitment to maintaining a robust Health and Safety Programme. This proactive engagement helps safeguard the well-being of all stakeholders and supports the operational success of businesses in this sector.

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Assistance from MAKROSAFE, an Authorised Dealership of SafetyWallet

MAKROSAFE, as an authorised dealership of SafetyWallet, offers comprehensive support to employers in the food, drinks, and tobacco industry through a range of tailored services designed to improve health and safety compliance and operational efficiency. Here’s how MAKROSAFE can assist:

Risk Assessment:

MAKROSAFE conducts detailed risk assessments to identify potential hazards specific to the food, drinks, and tobacco processing environments. These assessments help in formulating strategic interventions to mitigate identified risks effectively.

Safety Courses:

Employers can benefit from a variety of safety courses offered by MAKROSAFE. These courses are designed to educate and train employees on current health and safety protocols, safe handling of food and tobacco products, emergency response procedures, and more. Such training ensures that the workforce is well-prepared to handle daily tasks safely and effectively.

Compliance Audits:

MAKROSAFE performs thorough compliance audits to evaluate the adherence to the stringent regulations set forth by the OHSA and other relevant standards. These audits are crucial in identifying non-compliance issues and providing the necessary recommendations to address them promptly.

Implementation of Safety Control Measures:

Based on the outcomes of risk assessments, MAKROSAFE helps implement robust safety control measures. These include both administrative controls and engineering solutions to minimise risks associated with machinery, chemical handling, and workplace ergonomics in the food, drinks and tobacco industry.

Ongoing Consultancy and Support:

MAKROSAFE offers continuous support and expert advice to ensure that businesses not only achieve but maintain compliance over time. This includes regular updates on legislative changes, new industry practices, and technological advancements that can enhance safety standards.

Health and Safety Risk Control Package:

By subscribing to MAKROSAFE’s Health and Safety Risk Control Package, businesses engage in a proactive approach to managing workplace risks. This package provides a structured framework to manage safety, from risk identification through to control and regular review.

Customised Solutions:

Understanding that each operation within the food, drinks and tobacco industry has unique challenges, MAKROSAFE tailors its services to meet the specific needs of each employer, ensuring the most relevant and effective interventions are applied.

Partnering with MAKROSAFE, backed by SafetyWallet, equips employers in the food, drinks, and tobacco industry with the tools and expertise necessary to uphold high standards of health and safety. Through risk assessments, tailored safety courses, thorough compliance audits, and ongoing support, MAKROSAFE ensures that businesses not only comply with applicable laws but also foster a safety culture that promotes overall organisational well-being and productivity.

Embrace a culture of safety today. Contact MAKROSAFE to learn more about their hazardous substance management services and how partnering with SafetyWallet can elevate your overall safety program.

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