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Top 10 Most Common Hazards and associated Risks In The Workplace

A list and description of the Top 10 most common Hazards in the Workplace

Posted date: 22nd Mar 2022
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The state of Mandatory Vaccinations in the Workplace in South Africa

South Africa, like many other nations, has been embroiled in debates about mandatory vaccinations in the workplace.

Posted date: 7th Feb 2022
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Top 5 MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Services Review

Businesses of all sizes and types must place a high priority on Occupational Health and Safety.

Posted date: 31st Jan 2022
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Risk Assessment in the Workplace

Every employer must provide and maintain a safe working environment without risks to the health and safety of employees.

Posted date: 24th Jan 2022
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Health and Safety Training

Each organisation must have a dedicated health and safety team with the necessary Health and Safety Training and knowledge.

Posted date: 24th Jan 2022
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Mandatory Vaccinations in South Africa – All you need to know

The argument about mandatory vaccinations in South Africa has accelerated as attempts to control COVID-19 intensify.

Posted date: 10th Dec 2021
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Workplace First Aid Procedures

Employees must be trained for workplace first aid procedures to react promptly to incidents, injuries, and emergencies.

Posted date: 9th Dec 2021
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