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Materials Handling

The purpose of these courses is to assist individuals who wish to pursue a career in Health and Safety and to provide employers, who wish to develop a career path in Health and Safety for one or more of their employees.

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Materials Handling

  • First Aid
    Makrosafes first aid level 1, 2 and 3 training allows Individuals to collect, analyse, organise and evaluate information about clients, family and the community with regard to signs and symptoms and make a correct diagnosis.
  • Working at Heights
    Falls from working with ladders and scaffolding are the single biggest cause of workplace deaths, these falls can stop production for days while investigations take place. This means lost working time and profits for your company however there’s a way you can help prevent this from happening. These injuries happen mostly because employees have not been given the correct training and are not aware of the safety procedures to follow. In this training module, you’ll learn how to comply with your duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and you will be trained on the safety rules to follow when working with ladders and scaffolding.
  • Overhead Crane Operator
    The MAKROSAFE Overhead Crane Novice and Recertification Courses are the best way to ensure that your overhead crane operators are fully equipped for safe crane operation. By ensuring that your staff members have practical and theoretical understanding in crane operations, and are able to carry out safe handling and maintenance practices, you can have confidence knowing that your business is compliant with legislative and manufacturer standards.
  • Forklift
    This course is targeted at employees with responsibilities for functions within the workplace that relate to operating forklifts. Once training is completed, the recipient will be able to conduct pre and post inspections to ensure the performance of the lift truck to handle the loading and storage of freight by using the equipment and its accessories in the required manner. They will also be able to access emergency systems and services in the event of an incident or accident.


Benefits for attending or sending your employees on a Health and Safety Skills Programme.


    It allows the employer and/or individual the ability to implement bite sized chunks of training to up-skill existing employees or him/herself in a manner, which is manageable and cost effective for the employer or yourself.
    It provides the ability to improve multi-skilling in an organisation.
    Competency is measured and evaluated in detail and the learner receives credits on the National Qualifications Framework.
    It assists in providing more highly trained employees, offering better skills.

About Makrosafe

MAKROSAFE is the leading service provider in South Africa. For the past 17 years our national footprint and world-class capabilities have enabled us to assist clients from 15 different industries by managing their health and safety programme cost effectively and help them reach Health and Safety compliance.

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