Why MAKROSAFE? Your Gateway to Unparalleled Health and Safety Excellence

Forget the question "Why MAKROSAFE?"  Let's talk about why you can't afford to NOT choose MAKROSAFE as your preferred Service Provider! We're more than just a health and safety provider; we're your direct link to SafetyWallet-approved safety excellence!

A Commitment to Safety, Recognised by the Best

MAKROSAFE is proud to be a designated SafetyWallet Authorised Dealership. This prestigious recognition signifies our unwavering dedication to the same thing you value most: the safety and well-being of your employees. SafetyWallet is renowned for its rigorous standards, and their endorsement is a testament to the meticulously vetted, top-tier safety solutions and services we offer.

Strategic Advantages and Unmatched Expertise

Of course, safety is just the beginning. Choosing MAKROSAFE as your preferred Service Provider unlocks a strategic advantage for your business. Here's how:

Focus on What Matters: Free yourself and your team from the burden of health and safety compliance. We'll handle it all, allowing you to focus on your core business goals.

Streamline Your Operations: Redirect internal resources to mission-critical activities. Our expertise ensures a smooth-running safety program without straining your internal resources.

Embrace Innovation: Stay ahead of the curve with access to cutting-edge health and safety technologies. We'll help you leverage these technologies for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Proactive Risk Management: Gain complete control over your safety spending. Our flexible solutions allow you to easily scale services up or down as your needs evolve.

World-Class Capabilities at Your Fingertips: Enjoy the benefits of a team with unparalleled operational expertise and experience. We bring world-class knowledge and best practices straight to your organisation.

Beyond Strategy: Tangible Benefits for Your Business.

The advantages go beyond strategy. Choosing MAKROSAFE as your preferred Service Provider delivers real, bottom-line benefits:

Control Costs: We offer affordable, cost-effective solutions that fit your budget.

Boost Performance: Experience a measurable improvement in operational efficiency when you leverage our expertise.

Bridge the Talent Gap: Don't let talent shortages hinder your safety program. We provide the skilled professionals you need to ensure a safe and compliant workplace.

MAKROSAFE isn't just a Service Provider; we're your gateway to SafetyWallet-approved excellence.  Let's create a safer, more productive workplace together. Contact us today!

What we do

MAKROSAFE is the leading service provider in South Africa. We assist clients by managing their health and safety programme cost effectively and help them reach Health and Safety compliance.

Every year hundreds of thousands of employees are injured in the workplace - related accidents in South Africa. The following legislation makes adequate provision for the protection of such victims and their employers:

Fact: Over 1,5 Billion is spent annually on employee benefits paid out for injuries sustained on duty.

MAKROSAFE is able to help employers prevent such incidents by controlling hazards in the workplace and by providing the necessary Health and Safety Training. MAKROSAFE offers both training that is required for handling specific hazards and the training that is dictated by legislation.

Should an unfortunate incident nevertheless occur. MAKROSAFE will also facilitate both the investigation and the administrative processes , and will submit claims to the Workman's Compensation Commissioner on behalf of the employer.

Fact: MAKROSAFE will ensure full competence to all relevant legislation, regulations, standards and bylaws.

Fact: MAKROSAFE is the leading service provider in South Africa. We assist clients by managing their health and safety programme cost effective.

Our services are designed to assess, assist , implement and manage our client's health and safety programme to it's full potential. Our goal is to make our client's company reach full Health and Safety compliance.


We believe in making sure your loved ones return home healthy and safe after work.



To be the health and safety solution-driven accountability partner in Southern Africa, with SafetyWallet, to cultivate a workplace where health and safety behaviour is positively influenced on a continual basis, improving Health and Safety Legal compliance across all industries whilst cultivating a positive and effective Health and Safety Culture.



To identify unsafe Health and Safety behaviours, conditions and statutory elements in partnership with SafetyWallet for our clients, we develop and implement solutions based on your needs whilst applying effective health and safety risk control on our market-leading health and safety management system.



  1. Together we are firm believers in why we do what we do, and to persevere in service of our purpose.
  2. With optimism and creativity, we inspire for today, innovate for tomorrow and always stay motivated to live out our vision.
  3. We remain accountable for building relationships based on trust, with honesty, integrity and credibility in everything we do.
  4. We love supporting people with compassion, loyalty, care and enthusiasm whilst remaining grounded in gratitude.
  5. We are committed to supporting one another to achieve our purpose and to create a positive and effective Health and Safety Culture with our clients.
  6. Understanding and respect for one another, we are able to be flexible in providing solutions to our clients.
  7. We remain mindful and diligent in everything we do to consistently respond to our client's needs with professionalism and excellence to ensure the best possible outcome.


MAKROSAFE is an Authorised Dealership of SafetyWallet

Disclosure of Information

MAKROSAFE agrees to protect all personal and confidential information obtained through our website and advertising and not to disclose it to any third party at any time. It also agrees to destroy this information on demand from the client.