MAKROSAFE is mainly known as a specialist in health and safety related services like inspections, assistance and consultation or daily administration. However, they also provide OHS training for all aspects of the workplace.


OHS training for all

MAKROSAFE offers Health and Safety related training for all employees in the workplace. This ranges from employees who operate forklifts, those conducting activities on the work floor up to top management that is responsible for the well-being of a department.

Occupational Health and Safety – OHS Training for all

One of comprehensive OHS training programs MAKROSAFE offers, are the refresher training courses. These include, overhead crane and forklift re-certification. Refresher courses are done on a yearly basis. Overhead cranes and forklift re-certification is a legal requirement, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. MAKROSAFE offers the overhead cranes and forklifts re-certification OHS training in a course that only takes one day. They also provide training for Novice (Beginners) machinery operators in an informative five day course.

As the law states that, larger companies should have First Aiders and Fire Fighters employed, MAKROSAFE also provides training for these employees. In an office environment with 100 employees, it is a legal requirement that a first aider is available in a workplace for every group of 100 employees. In other workplaces one First Aider should be available for every 50 employees.
First Aiders should be trained to the best of their abilities. First time and refresher training is offered for First Aid and Basic Fire Fighting by MAKROSAFE.

Re-certification OHS training at MAKROSAFE is provided by well- informed lecturers. These lecturers go to great length to be up to date with the latest trends, laws, regulations and practises. Workplaces and practises are fast changing all the time. Lecturers at MAKROSAFE are well-aware of the need to ensure that the best and most accurate knowledge is taught during re-certification training. Their knowledge, experience and flexibility enable them to take baby steps and walk novice machinery operators through the entire course without any challenges.

OHS training is not limited to general employees. Managers have the responsibility to take care of the well-being of their employees, they should be trained too.

The special, one-day OHS Act for Management introduces managers to their responsibilities regarding health and safety for their employees in the workplace. Managers are also encouraged to participate in a Health and Safety Representatives course. Health and Safety Representatives are compulsory by law. The representatives represent the workforce and assist the Health and Safety department in keeping up the health and safety in the workplace. MAKROSAFE offers Health & Safety Representative and Health & Safety Certificate OHS training courses. Risk Assessment Training and Incident Investigation are additional courses that could help them to execute their duties efficiently. These courses are unique as they can cater for both experienced learners and those who have no background, whatsoever, in health and safety.

These are just some of the many courses MAKROSAFE has to offer. Contact us to find out what other training we can offer to empower your staff in ensuring healthy and safe workplaces.

All MAKROSAFE OHS training programs are provided through various means like facilitation, presentations, reading, individual activities, group discussions and skill application exercises. MAKROSAFE is accredited with Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) as an OHS training institute which guarantees that all training sessions are according to legal standards and protocols.

Whatever course you are considering to undertake in the occupational health and safety field MAKROSAFE has the expertise, knowledge, resources to cater for it.


Posted date: 6th Feb 2015
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