What are the Benefits of the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Programme?

Have you heard about the MAKROSAFE health and safety programme? Occupational health and safety is something that has come under great scrutiny in various companies over the past few years, not just in South Africa, but on a global scale. This is because being compliant can boost a business' image and also ensure that legislative regulations are being adhered to.

Having a working environment that is both healthy and safe will also ensure that your staff members feel comfortable carrying out their duties on the premises. A happy staff complement is certainly a productive one. A company that does not acknowledge the Health and Safety Act can be faced with fines or legal action being taken against it. It can be tough to design, implement and follow up with a health and safety strategy in the workplace. If you don't have dedicated personnel taking care of the tasks and responsibilities involved, your business health and safety standards can start to slip.

Health and safety standards within a business must be constantly worked on. It is not something that you can gain certification for and then just forget about. How do you ensure that your health and safety strategy is firmly in place and is improved on? The MAKROSAFE health and safety programme is designed for businesses that want to ensure that their health and safety strategy and procedures are firmly in place and are continuously monitored and improved on. The personnel dedicated to servicing your business needs are experienced in the field and guarantee exceptional results. It is vitally important that you consult with a professional in the field when looking to step up your health and safety standards within the workplace.

As part of this programme, the following services listed below are included.

  • We offer full service support which includes the following:
  • Capturing of data accurately and promptly.
  • Management of IOD claims ' this involves the paperwork and being in touch with both parties.
  • Liaising with the Department of Labour which can sometimes be a time consuming and arduous task.
  • Work place inspections and audits to ensure that health and safety procedures are being followed.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual inspections and follow up consultations.
  • Provision of templates for policies, inspections, procedures and appointment letters to make the system easier for the company.
  • The following services are also included in the package price:
  • Professional health and safety compliance audit.
  • OHS health and safety risk assessment which is carried out thoroughly by professional individuals.
  • Implementation of an effective health and safety programme that is designed to suit the needs of your business specifically.
  • Injuries on duty support to ensure that staff members know what procedures to follow and that the business does too.
  • Full OHS inspection services.

When chatting to one of our consultants you will find that there is a wealth of value added services available at a reasonable additional fee too. It is advised that you go through these services to find those that would beneficial to your business. After all, health and safety certification is not all about gaining a piece of paper or being deemed compliant ' it is also about doing your bit for your staff members to ensure that they are in fact safe while working on your premises and can remain healthy while doing so.

You can fully customise our service to suit the needs and requirements of your business and our team will be more than happy to assist. MAKROSAFE offers a total solution to the health and safety market and companies looking to become compliant will certainly find these services useful. By chatting to one of our consultants you can ensure that your business occupational health and safety solutions are tailor-made to your requirements and the nature of your business.

If you would like to learn more about our health and safety programme available at MAKROSAFE, take the time to get in touch with one of our consultants who will be happy to impart with industry knowledge and information. We are available for consultation via email or telephone and will ensure that you are provided with all the required information to make a decision.

Posted date: 24th Feb 2015
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