Legal Appointments

Regulations, OHS Act

The OHS Act and its Regulations require a number of appointments to be made, many of which aren’t applicable in the school environment.  However, we will highlight the most important roles that will most likely apply:

  1. Machinery supervisor to deal with the safe operation of machinery.  This can be something as simple as a gas bottle.
  2. Assistant to the Head Teacher to directly assist with health and safety.  This role is usually attributed to the deputy head teacher or departmental heads.
  3. Health and Safety Representative.  As discussed in one of our earlier articles, this is a very important appointment made by employees.  It is compulsory to have a representative, and this individual must be appointed in writing.  Further health and safety committee members should also be appointed.
  4. First Aider.  Although not compulsory, it is highly advisable that a suitably trained first aid appointment is made.
  5. Incident Investigator to carry out investigations.  This can be in addition to the health and safety representative, and this person must also be appointed in writing.
  6. Other appointments can include a ladder inspector, supervisor of machinery, principal contract, scaffolding supervisor, and fire fighting inspector.

It needs to be remembered that although there are specific legal appointments that are made, everyone that is employed by the school carries responsibility in terms of health and safety.  There are also basic health and safety procedures that everyone should be familiar with.  

Posted date: 29th May 2017
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