Checklists and other legislative documentation

Most checklists that you can obtain for inspections of a school’s health and safety system are generic.  These need to be modified in accordance with your specific school and what your unique requirements are.

Checklists, Health and Safety

Checklists serve as a guideline, but are not effective entirely on their own.  They form part of the entire health and safety system of the school.  The main function of the checklist is to help ensure legal compliance with the OHS Act.

You don’t need to create your own checklists and documentation from scratch.  There are many available online and we also have some examples you can refer to.  However, you need to show extreme attention to detail and make sure that every item on the list applies to your specific school, and if something is omitted, you need to add it to ensure absolute compliance.  The checklists you use for your school’s health and safety management system must be thoroughly checked for accuracy on a regular basis.

With all new or modified checklists, first check the legal requirements and that they are being met.  You can do this by assessing the audit protocol and determining what is applicable to your school.  When evaluating the protocol, try to answer the questions from your available checklist.


Posted date: 29th May 2017
Educational Services Industry

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