How are the Winners Chosen?

If an organisation wants their Health and Safety programme to be successfull, it is crucial that they get the employees to be involved and enthusiastic about OHS. To achieve this you need to have individuals who go above and beyond to promote and drive OHS compliance in the workplace. The OHS Champion Award gives recognition to some of these individuals who have given their full commitment and dedication to OHS.

The Winners

OHS ChampionCompany NameMotivation     
Christian GreenWestlake Country and Safari EstateChristian is proactive and committed to health and safety. Whenever a finding is made this is sorted out before his practitioner leaves the site. The storeroom was rebuilt as the stacking and storage was a problem. Christian takes the safety of his fellow employees to hart and ensures that every one returns healthy and safe to their families after work.
Marcel CrousVermont Sales (Pty) LtdMarcel is a hard working and a dedicated individual. Marcel takes health and safety seriously and ensures that all Vermont Sales employees return home safe to their loved onces after work. Through his consistent and excellent performance he demonstrates his passion for health and safety.
Nick van StadenResidentia Foundation - Head OfficeNick has shown over the year his dedication to ensuring the Head Office is compliant and wants to be the best. When something needs to be addressed he does it immediately. For example, I gave him the Makrosafe Posters to be displayed. They were laminated and posted in the staff's tearoom for all to see. A photo was sent to me the next morning to show me. Nick is true to his word by ensuring everyone there returns home healthy and safe after work.
Christiaan FoucheSouthern CoalAs Operations Manager he takes full responsibility for the Health and Safety programme. Christiaan is very pro-active.The Health and Safety File is in excellent state - all documents on soft copy. Christiaan is always asking questions and goings the extra mile to ensure their programme is top notch. Christiaan is also very knowledgeable on Health and Safety matters.
Nazreen NackerdienToll Global Forwarding (SA) (Pty) LtdNazreen currently manages two branches for Toll in Western Cape Region with close to 200 people to manage. Nazreen has a proactive and reactive approach to managing their safety. Nazreen is proactive by addressing issues as they occur and trys close them off herself with her team. Reactive by addressing issues Makrosafe identifies and works tirelessly to arrange that any non-conformances are addressed as soon as possible. Nazreen always tries to implement recommendations made and she always asks before she has anything done she is not sure of. Nazreen holds a very high regard of Makrosafe and always speaks on our behalf to their management to ensure their organisation knows of what benefit Makrosafe is to them and the support structure we have to assist her. Nazreen is someone, who at times is very ill but always makes the time for health and safety as part of her daily routine in the workplace. Nazreen demonstrates a real passion for the safety of her fellow colleagues and they trust her to take care of their health, safety and wellness in the workplace.
Adele Janse van RensburgEnergy PartnersAdele is in charge of the Centurion office and has so many responsibilities, however, will still take on the Health and Safety. Adele has no formal training with regards to Health and Safety and despite that, Adele has learnt quickly and has assisted in sorting out site files and Health and Safety related issues. Adele is always willing to help no matter how busy she is or if she is on leave. I have spent time with Adele in JHB when I have had to work closely with her and she is a person who loves to learn and is always trying to improve and make it easier for others.
Natasha ScottTB HIV CareSince inception of the SLA Natasha has been working continuously with us to develop their health and safety culture. Natasha has printed weekly dashboard reports to include in their weekly newsletter to provide feedback to all TB HIV staff members of the progress made on Health and Safety. Natasha has completed online training successfully. Natasha keeps Dr Gareth (16.2) up to date constantly with the progress. With her help, TB HIV have become compliant on group level within 5 months. Natasha has developed her own organograms and training matrixs and is eager for the monthly meetings from MKH.
Wayne HodgsonEnergy PartnersWayne is someone who has strived to achieve the highest percentage that he can, educating his employees on health and safety. Wayne has taken his concerns to management and fought on the issues untill he has got his way. Wayne does not give up until he gets the outcome he wants.
Marius RossouwEnx Corporation LtdMarius Rossouw from Eqstra PE has really committed himself and made an effort to make sure all the Health and Safety requirements are met at Eqstra PE, making sure his employees return home safe after work to their families.
Patricia CoetzeeFidelity Security (Pty) LtdPatricia is one of the cornerstones in the relationship between MAKROSAFE and FIDELITY. Patricia has remained consistent and thorough in implementing and maintaining our integrated Health and Safety Programme with the support of the MAKROSAFE team, taking each challenge and turning it into a success. By doing so Patricia ensures that employees return home safe after work.
Reyneke LudickSmart Body and Paint Centre (Pty) LtdSmart Body and Paint is one of our Bluespec clients. When we started at Smart Body and Paint, Rey took it upon himself to assist in implementing and still maintaining the health and safety program with the assistance of the Makrosafe team. Rey also has a passion for health and safety and when action is needed he steps up and takes responsibility, facing challanges in order to turn them into successes. He has become an ambassador for safety and the well-being of others. Rey ensures that all Health and Safety related problems which where raised on the day of inspection, get attention and is dealt with before the next visit from the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Practitioner. The passion he has for Health and Safety and taking responsibility we believe that he is a genuine Health and Safety Champion.
Wian StrydomEmerson Automation Solutions Final Control South Africa (Pty) LtdWian does exceptional work in terms of implementing and maintaining Pentair Water's Health and Safety system with the aid and support of the MAKROSAFE Practitioner and team and is always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the improvements are implemented effectively and efficiently and that Health and Safety findings are closed timeously. Wian's passion is having a positive effect on the overall safety culture within the organisation, which is highly commendable.
Raynard MeyerIMP Holding Company (Pty) Ltd Raynard has multiple functions in the organisation but he prioritises Health and Safety and makes sure that all problems and issues which have appeared on his AR Report and affect his safety system, are attends to immediately and manages them adequately. His commitment towards Health and Safety and sustaining a safe and healthy working environment is commendable and he is definitely a trademark and example of someone who does his utmost best to ensure the employees of IMP Holding return home healthy and safe after work.