Your Total Solution For Health and Safety Compliance In The Trade and Commerce Industry

Trade and Commerce Industry

The Trade and Commerce Industry (buying and selling of goods) in South Africa is huge and includes the retail food, clothing, medicine, hardware, electrical goods, computer stores, scrap metal etc.

Many aspects of trade and commerce involve high-stress job environments where millions of rands are lost and gained in minutes. Employees need to be able to identify their stress triggers as well as how to manage them. This necessitates health and safety training with a particular focus on mental strength, focus and resilience, in addition to the norm.

There are many administrative tasks involved in the trade and commerce industry as well, which also involve health and safety aspects and considerations. These are usually office-based, packing and unpacking of goods as well as the usual evacuation procedures and signage, health and safety training, basic first aid, and so on.

The trade and commerce industry often involves a lot of travelling which poses a risk in terms of transport dangers and sleep deprivation. Employees should be given sufficient periods of rest after long periods of travelling before business meetings and transactions.

International travel also comes with the risk of communicable diseases and all employees must have their vaccinations and preventative medications up-to-date.

MAKROSAFE offers a total solution to ensure your company reaches and maintains Occupational Health and Safety Compliance:

Health and Safety Compliance Audit

In South African workplaces, to verify that your business complies with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulations, Standards and By-laws, a Health and Safety Compliance Audit is crucial, and this should be conducted on an annual basis. Our compliance audit will help you establish where you legally stand regarding your workplace Health and Safety compliance. A Health and Safety Compliance Certificate will be issued once all criteria have been met. The Certificate is valid for 12 months.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

One of the most important aspects of the Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993, is the Health and Safety Risk Assessment. No company can be compliant to the OHS Act if this is not conducted and monitored on a regular basis. To help you Identify, manage and Control risks and hazards in your workplace to ensure your employees are safe, sign up with our Health and Safety Risk Assessment Package.

Ensure Health and Safety in the Workplace

Ensuring Health and Safety in the workplace is a never-ending challenge that requires a thorough understanding of all relevant legislation and the involvement of specialists due to the scope of the industry and its requirements. To ensure your Health and Safety Compliance, our Health and Safety Consulting Services ensures that fundamental Health and Safety procedures and strategies are implimented.

Health and Safety Inspections in the Workplace

To help prevent incidents, accidents, injuries, illnesses and fatalities, workplace inspections are mandatory. Inspections help to identify and record hazards for corrective action, through a critical examination of the workplace. Health and Safety committees should plan, conduct, report and monitor inspections on a regular basis to ensure that your OHS plan is effective and that no uncontrolled hazards and risks are present in the workplace. Sign up now for The Health and Safety Inspection Package, to gain the support of seasoned Health and Safety Practitioners, and save on the time required for the completion of these inspections on site.

The Injury on Duty and COID Support Package will assist you with the administrative engagements with authorities and is handled by dedicated administrators. The administration of incidents and accidents at work as well as the required communication and engagement with the relevant authorities is a time-consuming process which requires much attention to detail. It is work that, in the interest of the well-being of the employee and the continuity of the company operations, demands an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Maintaining your Health and Safety in the Workplace

Maintaining Health and Safety in the workplace is crucial and involves many administrative processes and a dedicated team of professionals. It also demands one to have the ability to make impartial observations based on the required knowledge and experience about possible solutions and control measures to be implemented and maintained.

To ensure that your workplace is risk and hazard free, and monitored by trained Health and Safety professionals, sign up with one of our Health and Safety Consulting Services.

Additional Health and Safety Services

We offer a variety of additional services to ensure that a safe and healthy working environment is easy to maintain and monitored. The types of additional services we offer include:

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