Compliance in terms of Health and Safety is a challenge that requires in-depth understanding of the OHS Act.


Health and safety compliance can be determined in various ways. A comprehensive Health and Safety compliance audit is one of the most effective ways.

A Health and Safety compliance audit is the assessment of the workplace and the identification, control, elimination or minimizing of any hazards identified. The audit will also ensure that control measures implemented, if any, are reviewed on a regular basis to determine their effectiveness.

Being aware of the challenges related to compliance, MAKROSAFE has put together a comprehensive package that offers more than just the audit. This package helps companies to meet legal requirements and allows employers to focus on what they do best.

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Health and Safety Compliance should be a top priority for all companies

The MAKROSAFE OHS Health and Safety Audit package will also offer companies Health and Safety Kits as well as important documents such as the OHS Act and OHS Poster Pack services. The daily administration by skilled professionals in the Health and Safety field is also included.

Companies that comply with all regulations and laws receive a compliance certificate, which is required by law in order to be able to continue operating. After a successful assessment of your compliance levels, your workplace will be issued with a Health and Safety compliance certificate that is valid and recognized by national legal Health and Safety boards. This certificate must be renewed on a yearly basis, as is stipulated by law.

The MAKROSAFE OHS compliance audit package will also offer you a service that will ensure that your workplace stays within the compliance levels. The assistance and consultancy with experts will ensure that your workplace is proactively improved and safety is enhanced.

The paperwork and procedures to be followed in the unfortunate case of incident when making a claim can be stressful and time consuming. MAKROSAFE allows companies to focus on their core business and give them the choice to leave the paperwork to the MAKROSAFE IOD team. This is why the OHS compliance audit package also offers services such as injuries on duty, support in dealing with Workmen's Compensation queries as well as assistance with the Department of Labour Queries and Inspections. With their expertise and knowledge, MAKROSAFE will provide these services.

As there are Health and Safety compliance standards and procedures stipulated in the COID Act when it comes to compensation claims for injuries, incidents and accidents, MAKROSAFE takes this additional burden away and deals with these matters, on behalf of the client, directly.

In addition to the above services, MAKROSAFE also offers workplace inspections, appointment letters, tool box talks and Safe Operating Procedures templates and instructions to assist companies to educate their employees. Policies are also an added advantage to this package as well as free training of a First Aider and a Fire marshal.

Achieving Health and Safety compliance can be daunting, depending on the industry one is in. Leave it up to professionals to allow you to focus on what you are do best.



Posted date: 18th Nov 2015
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